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From:  James Trimm <jstrimm@h...>
Date:  Mon Jan 3, 2000  4:02 pm
Subject:  [essene] Essene/Nazarene Yeshiva

Beit Netzarim Yeshiva has a vital role in filling a present
gap in
theological education. Beit Netzarim and its
founders feel
there is a need for an institution which will
instruct both the
layman and the professional Messianic believer
with the same
high level of education offered in a Rabbinic
Yeshiva. Many of
those calling themselves "Rabbi" within the Messianic
movement do not have the same level of education
held by
their Rabbinic counterparts. The purpose of this
Yeshiva is to
offer a solution to this situation.

Classes begin Jan. 17th.

The Following classes are being offered on-line
for the Spring

Jewish Hermeneutics

Survey of the Dead Sea Scrolls
(Textbook: The Dead Sea Scrolls; A New
by Wise, Abegg and Cook)

Survey of the Mishna
(Textbook: The Mishnah; A New Translation
by Jacob Neusner)

Survey of the Tanak II
(Textbook: Old Testament in Its
Culteral, Historical,
and Religious Context by Dane R. Gordon)

Survey of the "New Testament" II
(Textbook: The Jewish New Testament
by David Stern)

Systematic Theology (No Textbook)

Textual Criticism of the Tenak
(Textbook: Old Testament Textual
Criticism; a Practical
Introduction by Ellis R. Brotzman)

Textual Criticism of the New Testament
(textbook: New Testament Textual
Criticism; a Semetic
Approach by Dr. James Trimm)
{available through SANJ}

Tuition: $100 per Semester
Classes: $60 for 1, $100 for 2 or more classes
Full Load: $100 tuition + $100 Classes = $200

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974 Re: Essene/Nazarene Yeshiva Paul McDowell   Wed  1/5/2000   5 KB

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