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From:  ghelrigel@a...
Date:  Wed Jun 14, 2000  10:26 am
Subject:  Re: [messianic] Why attacked? are not attacked. This is family.

In a message dated 6/14/2000 11:01:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
jstrimm@h... writes:

James: << Why have I been so attacked here?

Chris: I personally reread my own post before I read yours, and I did not
attack you. Don't know if anyone else did.

James: I have been accused of being unsaved.

Chris: Not by me.

James: It has been implied that I do not "love the Lord".

Chris: Not by me. But you are soliciting on this list. And you are saying
the New Covenant Scriptures are antisemitic. I don't read them that way and
I said so.

James: I realize not everyone agrees with me, nut these have been unfounded
personal attacks.

Chris: If it is a personal attack to disagree with you on several points,
then your ego is in the wrong place.

James: Why?

Chris: Why are you taking this so personally? If you believe what you are
saying is true, you should be willing to take heat for it like Jesus did. He
didn't complain.

James: I'm just a warm lil fuzz ball

Chris: Maybe you are a warm lil fuzz ball. But if Glen says you are wrong,
he is most probably right. He usually is. I can just imagine the chaos
wreaked and the hard feelings if any number of people get convinced that the
books written about Jesus are antisemitic. It isn't true, one, and I have
been reading them for years. What is your purpose in all this? The first
one to react personally, to squeak, to talk about "attack" when there is only
a discussion going on, is usually wrong. He just gave it away by his
oversensitive response. A man can stand a lot longer defending the truth
than he can his own ego turf. You don't get grace for that. If you are
defending the truth, you fold so soon I would say you arent just by that.
The Lord strengthens his soldiers in the battle, but those on the wrong side
of a discussion start yelling "YOU are wounding me you nasty people" because
that's the only defense they have.

P.S. When something really cuts inside, and you take it as an attack, it is
probably because the Holy Spirit is behind the prick. I know this from
experience. Something I don't want to hear can really thunder inside because
Abba is pressing the point home. I had told him I NEVER wanted to miscarry a
child during the years while I was barren. He came to me and told me I had
no right to tell him that, that children were his, whether they lived or
died. An offhand remark from a friend struck me like thunder when she
described losing her two babies. I could have gotten offended at what she
said, or I could have realized the Lord was speaking to me. He is so
merciful when we recognize the thunder and the wounding came from him.

Stop and consider James, whether you are the one who is wrong. Glen seems to
think you are. That man knows the Scriptures. He knows the Lord. If that,
by implication, makes you feel I am saying you don't, that is your own
conscience responding, because I didn't say that. Maybe the Lord is trying
to speak to you before you hurt someone. Glen also said you have written
many wise posts on this list, and we have all appreciated them. If you are
blowing it on this issue, the body is here to be the safety net that keeps
you from making a really big boo boo. ONe that hurts lots of people. You
wouldn't want that, now would you? Lots of times I think I am right because
I have been lots of times. Glen tells me I'm wrong. It offends me, it hurts
my feelings, because I care a lot about what he thinks. Sometimes I squeak.
But when I submit myself to the chastisment of the Lord through a brother, or
my husband, or a good friend, good things happen to me. We don't want to be
independent gunslingers, going off on a tangent, hurting the cause of
Messiah, now do we? IF Glen says he disagrees, instead of reacting, you
should listen. You should discuss. Abba always brings something wonderful
when we submit to each other. Trouble and horrible hurts come when we don't.
I think what you are teaching has a potential to damage people and the
kingdom. Yeah. Think about it. The greatest temptation of man that satan
uses to hook us is that we know something nobody else understood. If we are
right, we should be able to stand with humility while we discuss. Getting
touchy and wounded so quickly signifies weakness of position to me.

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings James. IF Glen says your previous posts
have been great, I believe him. My memory stinks, so I trust his. His
attention to detail is better than mine. But if he says this line of
thinking is off the wall, I'd listen to him. Are we family, or are we


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