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From: Bill Carlson (Bill.Carlson@p0.f18.n104.z1.FIDONET.ORG)
Subject: The disfellowship of James Scott Trimm
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Newsgroups: alt.messianic
Date: 1993-07-01 01:42:17 PST
Although no one had said anything yet in regards to James Scott Trimm;
due to his recent BBS posts, it seems that the entire matter now needs
to be clarified:
    James S. Trimm had a ruling issued against him from a Congregation
he attended in Texas.  Later upon moving to Denver Colo., he was put
on a probation for his sinful conduct.  He never kept the requirements
of this probation, and left Denver Colo. in a worse state than he
arrived, and a judgement was issued against him from the UMJC
leadership about his sinful lifestyle, and he was disfellowshipped from
the Denver Congregation of Roeh Israel, and the UMJC in general.  Many
Congregational leaders were notified of this decision at that time.
     Later, James Scott Trimm again showed up in Denver, and gave the
impression, through falsehood, that his life was completely
straightened up, - far from the truth!
    Do to testimony, (written & oral / past & present), from a variety
of sources, (including his former and current wife), a Beit-Din was
held here in Denver Colo., (myself being one of the Beit-din members).
This was the "THIRD" injunction against Mr. Trimm.  When presented with
the evidence, he admitted his guilt; and at the time appeared to accept
the requirement of the Beit-Din that he would refrain from teaching
until such a time as all members of the Beit-Din agreed that he was to
     While the nature of SOME of the "sinS" that James Scott Trimm did,
does fall in line with his post on this net of his admitted "adultery";
- this in and of itself was SECONDARY, (in both the number and in the
SEVERITY of the types of sinS, committed by this man!)  This ain't
Peyton place, and I don't feel compelled to enter into more specifics
here, but we are talking about a situation FAR worse than a mere case
of adultery!
    It's a common occurrence that the non-Believers of this world, will
through one side of their mouth accuse Believers of letting the Jimmy
Swaggart and Jim Baker types off scott-free.  I have little doubt
though that some of the non-Believers will find something adverse to
say on this, through the other side of their mouth.  (As for myself, I
would rather speak and be called "fuddie", than refrain from speaking &
be labeled a "white-washer".)  The members of the Beit-Din, and of the
UMJC branch and it's leadership, and of the Messianic community in
general, are responsible to HaShem for any ruling we make/have-made, &
no further defense by me of it will be made.  No further revealing as
to the specific Torah-violations will be made in public, without the
members of the Beit-Din being in agreement that it is called for.
     As Believers, we are called to a life-style that is "above
reproach", especially if we are in the lime-light as teachers and those
that represent the Body of Messiah. While I haven't enjoyed giving this
post, I have a responsibility, - not just as a member of the Beit-Din,
but as a Believer, - to warn those that the person "teaching" them, and
presenting himself as spokes-person and teacher for Natzratim-Judaism,
is in fact a disfellowshipped man because of his sinful nature.
     While the first two rulings were not as gracious in their making
allowances for repentance, (due to the serious nature of the sins), the
third "Beit-Din" did make room for such an allowance - should all the
Beit-Din parties agree.  So far, - we DO NOT!
     For those Rabbinic-Jews who may not be familiar with the meaning
of "disfellowship", think of it 'somewhat' along the lines of a person
being placed: "under the ban".
                     TO THE NON-BELIEVING COMMUNITY:
You said the Gentile-Christian Community did not rebuke Jimmy Swaggart
strongly enough; you said it again with James Baker.  At least, (in the
same vein), you can't say it about the Messianic-Believing-community!

                    B'Shem Y'shua HaMashiach - Amaine!

Bill Carlson - via ParaNet node 1:104/422
UUCP: !scicom!paranet!User_Name
INTERNET: Bill.Carlson@p0.f18.n104.z1.FIDONET.ORG

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