Defiance and Disrespect


The following is from a post at messianic egroups, post number 5036. Where I normally show the whole post, this post was longer and only minimally with James Trimm. The following is the portion of the post that has to do with Trimm's defiance at a forum not his own, that he could not control. THe posters name has been removed at their request.


"Poster" wrote: Dear Mr. Trimm, Why would you post so many messages here
about your book when you already knew that the managers of the list told you
that they felt that your book reinforced a heresy?

James Trimm responded: Because their claims were based of statements I was
able to prove were false.

Chris responds: Mr. Trimm, to offer your book here after the moderator had
asked not to -- that seems like an act of defiance and disrespect. If you
felt you had been misjudged by the moderator, I would think you would have
to make your case to him and seek his blessing before going ahead. I know
glen to fair and just, so when he really warns against something, I take him

When Sha'uls teachings were questioned by Kepha and the others, he did not
just ignore them and go on about his business of evangelizing the gentiles.
Instead, he travelled to Jerusallem and presented to "Kepha and James and
the others" what he teaches the gentiles, and received from them the
assurance that his teachings coincided with what they had learned from
Yeshua and haRuach also...

Whether you had been misunderstood or not, "Poster" is right that your
lack of submission to others in the Messianic movement and even on this list
is definitely a strong warning bell.