Michael Detwilers letter of resignation in May

Subject: SANJ
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 17:58:51 -0600
From: Michael Detwiler <mijoy@worldnet.att.com>
To: jstrimm@home.com


I have wanted to talk to you about this, but when you were here, I didn't have the time to do so, though
we touched upon it.  Also, it has been and remains a very difficult subject.  I have vacillated back and
forth on the issue.  I have been deliberating this for some time . . . and you and I have discussed it some.

Last year I resigned from the Rosh Beit Din over some of these issues, but when I saw no one "step up" I
felt an obligation to YHVH to "cover" in the meantime, changing my public name to Michael Ben

First, let me say that I love you and Inga, and your children very much.  This has nothing to do with any
sort of problem with you and your family as individuals.  I consider you to be my friends.  I will never
walk away from that.  Secondly, let me say that I agree with the message of SANJ . . .  and belive that the
message is part of the "next step" in the body finding its way "home" to a truer expression of Biblical

Here are the problem's that are unsurmountable for me to contend with:

1.  FFOZ is a world wide ministry that is VERY professional and effective in bringing the Christian out of
his stupor and enlightening him to the fact that he is a new man, created in a Hebraic sense, and that he is
not anomian after all, but has a responsibility to Torah and all of it's precepts.  FFOZ is one of the few
organizations that promote the Torah to include the Gentile.  I wholeheartedly agree with this position,
and see FFOZ as being used by HaShem to facilitate understanding in a arena that is mostly ignored by
the UMJC and MJAA.  FFOZ has taken some criticism for this understanding, but, nevertheless, continue
standing for this truth.

As I remain involved with SANJ, it creates a difficulty for FFOZ, and for my son, Boaz.  Really, I choose to
be close to him.  It is not a theological matter, it is a matter of principle and ethics, a matter of credibility
with my son, whom I love and respect very much.

Many people know that I am his father, and wonder about or connect the message of SANJ with that of
FFOZ.  Personally, in my discussions with Boaz, he agrees with a large part of the doctrinal thesis of
SANJ, however he strongly disagrees with the delivery of the message and the lifestyle and reputation of
most of those who promote SANJ.

I also disagree with the tactics (as we have discussed) and do not agree with the methodology of most
who speak for SANJ.  It seems that "shock treatment" is the delivery method.  I too have, from time to
time, slipped into this type of delivery, and I know instantly that it is not "derech Ha Shem."  His ways
are the ways of peace.  In Devarim 20:10 HaShem tells us that "when we go near a city to fight against it,
first, proclaim and offer of peace."  I don't see this happening with the leadership of SANJ.  I see an
aggressive and proud group of "leaders" that attack first, without the offer (delivery) of peace.  What
would we offer in a peaceful manner?  Perhaps we would offer understanding, grace, kindness, patience
(the fruit of the Spirit, by the way) and an approach that would not alienate us and this very important
message.  Those disciples we have (won in the manner of aggression) are likewise aggressive and
assaulting, as they were "birthed" in this manner.  It is a sort of "spiritual genetics."  Hosea tells us in 4:9,
"and it shall be, like the people, like priest."  What this says to me is that those who are submitted to the
proud and aggressive will take on the same characteristics.  I prefer the way of peace.  I have attached an
article that I wrote on the plane to Phoenix last week . .  as this subject is very heavy upon me.

The paradigm to my understanding was this;  Psalms 119:165, "Those who love your Torah have great
peace, and nothing causes them to stumble."  My dilemma is, those of us in SANJ who are obsessed with
the Torah, and it's importance, and make claim to be well on the road to Torah observance, who truly
LOVE the Torah, have no genuine expression of peace in the community.  We go from thing to another,
creating strife and conflict wherever we tread.  This shouldn't be so.  We take the Torah message of Grace
and Kindness to people blinded by Christianity, attempt to create within them a love for Torah, yet leave
them in confusion and strife.  James, the brother of Yahshua, and founder of Nazarene Judaism, says that
"the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace."  James 3:18.

Psalms 34:14
Depart from evil and do good; Seek peace and pursue it.

Psalms 35:20
For they do not speak peace, But they devise deceitful words against those who are quiet in the land.

Psalms 37:37
Mark the blameless man, and behold the upright; For the man of peace will have a posterity.

I am convinced that the Truth, Emet, must be proclaimed in the land.  However, I am likewise convinced
that Emet and Shalom (peace), must somehow join and only in this way can an effective message be
delivered.  Our sages say that the world with Law only could not survive, and, likewise, that a world
with Peace alone would not survive.  With HaShem, there is always a balance.  SANJ needs to find the
balance in its approach and leadership.  Personally, I want to find it, and have been seeking it for some

2.  Leadership - we have discussed the issues regarding Avi.  I believe that he is a good man, and has
much insight, however, after his recent mistakes in leadership, he should be put on the shelf for a time,
re-evaluating his direction and methodology.  He went off after "His grace, the Haham, excellency the
Majestic Ben Haggai"  . .  moved himself and others to Montana, apparently under the direction of the
Ruach, and found out only too late that he had been duped.

Also, he has gone after and supports (as I understand it) the erroneous teachings of the Wootens and
Moshe Konichowsky, the false prophet Monte Judah, and now has attempted to connect with Avriham
Azouly . . another wierdo.  This speaks strongly of his discernment.

Finally, however, certainly not the least is his recent divorce.  You say that his wife refused the land and
refused Torah observance, therefore, prophetically, it can be expected that they divorce.  God HATES
divorce.  It creates a firestorm of evil in the generations that proceed from that broken marriage.  There is
no justification for it.  The divisions that you spoke of involve parents and children, brothers and sisters,
but never is it spoken that one is to expect this from Echad, the Oneness of a husband and wife  . . .  I say
that it is his responsibility as a husband, father, leader, to lead his wife into all truth by example and
lifestyle.  We cannot accept divorce so lightly.

For him to be visiting his girlfriend in California (in the midst of the controversy created in Adat Yeshua)
is a travesty to the spirit of Torah, and spits in the face of the grace of Yahshua AND, the marriages that
have survived infidelity and division through much pain and the discipline of the Lord. It is wrong for
those who have been through similar things and have experienced the joy of the hand of YHVH and
submitted to His chastening, see one who goes on with life as nothing has happened.  This is indicative
of weak leadership.  SANJ cannot allow any "unclean thing" it its camp, but has . . .  and supports it.

Avi should be reprimanded for his error, and placed on some sort of sabbatical for a period of time in
order to be tested and changed by the Ruach.  If he survives, it speaks of his character.  If he refuses
discipline, likewise, his character has spoken.

We have all sinned ( you know of mine) yet, I was willing to be on the shelf for 3-4 years (still am, really)
in order to submit myself to the changing and discipline of the Ruach.  You also went through a time of
failure, and were on the shelf for many years.  Why should Avi go on, as if nothing has happened,
continuing to create and be in the middle of controversy without taking a break and allowing HaShem to
change him.  Certainly SANJ should not allow him a platform.  It is shameful.  He is the #2 listed speaker
at the Conference.  Will his new girlfriend be there?  Will his children be there?   My position is that all
have sinned, yet, there is a time of repair needed. He (as Swaggert) refuses discipline.  If he refuses mans
disciplinary concepts, how on heaven and earth can he be subject to the discipline of YHVH?  Can he
place himself above the laws of YHVH, yet continue as a Torah teacher?  The SANJ supports this, and I
cannot . . out of great respect to my wife, my children, and the Melech HaOlam.

So, James, in light of these things, I respectfully submit my resignation from all association with SANJ,

     Please remove me from the Beit Din
     Please remove me as the moderator of the list servers
     Please remove me as a participant in the SANJ conference to be held in Denver

Thank you, and again, remember that I do love you and your family.  I will be home after 10:00 P.M.
tonight if you wish to discuss this further . . though I prefer to discuss it via email (it removes some of the


Michael Detwiler