Letter to Chris Lingle

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From: Kathryn [mailto:purnhrt@flash.net]
Sent: Monday, September 13, 1999 11:24 PM

Shalom b’ Yahuweh

Chris, I felt the need to write you a letter and explain my feelings,
concerning this situation that has arisen. When we first talked on the
phone, you had made several comments that I did not necessarily agree
with, but thought they could be cleared up, by knowing you better. When
you visited, you again made several similar comments that I did not feel
appropriate. But chalking it up to the fact that not all of us believe
exactly the same, on all issues,  I overlooked them.

When we spoke on the phone the second time and you mentioned the
pamphlet, you never told me where it was from or who authored it. You
told me that there were anti-Talmud citations and read a few, with the
source of the quote. You said that you were checking them out to see if
they were correct and had so far,  found only one that was taken out of
context. When I asked for the title and author, so that I could find a
copy, you said that you would make a copy for me, since I had promised
not to quote from it, but to check all the references out and quote from
them, if I chose. Not once did you tell me that that was Aryan Nation

When I received it, and read it, I became alarmed. I remembered all the
comments that you had made about the black men and white women, about
the Europeans being the lost tribes, and the comments about a community.
I was concerned that you might be a part of one of these groups, so I
called to ask you directly.

When we spoke that evening. My concerns were not put to rest, but
actually made worse. Again you brought up the black/white issue. You did
not see a problem with the pamphlet and asked me what I thought was
wrong with it, that the statements were all true. You said that the Jews
do control the media and you had proof. You brought up the point that
Jerry Springer was a Jew and had black men on the show with white women,
that he was trying to influence black men to take “our women.”  You told
me of the Protocols of the Elders of Zionism. The more you talked, the
worse I felt.

I had been praying about this all during that time. I considered the
fact that I could have misunderstood you, and prayed to Yahuweh for
discernment and wisdom in this matter. To let me know if I had been
wrong in my judgement of you. You called that T-day. You told me of an
old friend dying and his widow sending you some stuff. You gave me the
address and the name of this group and told me of the thrust of their
ministry and the types of books and booklets that they distributed. You
jokingly told me that they were in Idaho also. Mentioning titles like
Henry Fords International Jew. Saying that he was a great business man
and should know something about the subject. You stated that most of the
communists were Jews and that their intention was to destroy our way of
life . You said that they had anti-zionist literature there. Chris, that
called confirmed to me all that I had felt was wrong. I had given you
the benefit of the doubt, but now, there is no more doubt.

I cannot and will not tolerate racism. I don’t care who it is aimed at.
Whether Jews or Blacks or Hispanics or Orientals, whatever the race, it
is unacceptable to me. This is not a matter that I can turn a blind eye
to. I absolutely could not have any association with a translation, that
you were involved in. Your vies would affect the translation. Your views
that all white people are Semites is incorrect. Your views that just
because I am of Celtic descent, makes me of Israelite stock, is
incorrect. Even if there were a bit of truth to my ancestry, it would
not mean a thing, in light of salvation. I was a sinner. My ancestry did
not change that fact. My salvation is not based on my color or origins,
but in the shed blood of Yahuweh’s Mashiach, Yahusha’. I gain no special
privileges, if I were of Israelite descent. I believe your views in this
matter, would color your translation. I therefore, will not be
associated with such an alliance.

There is nothing more that you can say to me in this matter, that would
change my opinion of your beliefs. They are not righteous in the eyes of
Yahuweh. Hatred of another people is not acceptable according to Torah.
Yahuweh says that we are to love Him with all our hearts, our souls, our
minds and our strength and to love our fellow man as ourselves. On these
two mitswoth, all the Torah and the Nebiyiym hang. Elitism is also not
acceptable according to Torah. Those who seek to be the greatest, must
be the servants of all. We are to humble ourselves in the sight of
Yahuweh, He will do the exalting, not me in my own eyes. He makes makes
it very clear, that birth means nothing. That to be a Yahudiym meant
nothing, if they did not have their hearts turned toward Yahuweh. That
circumcision of the flesh was nothing, if their hearts were not

I would appreciate it if you would cease all contact with me. I do not
want any letters or e-mail or phone calls. I have not been able to get
to the library yet, but when I do, I will try to find what you asked for
and send it to you as soon as I can. That is what I said I would do, and
I keep my word. After that, I will not be in touch again. I hope Chris,
that your eyes are opened to the serious deception that you are walking
in, and that you see the Truth that is in Yahuweh’s Word and turn from
this sin to Yahuweh. Until you do, it will hinder His being able to use
you for His work. Bitterness is a root that will destroy you, if you
allow it.

Sincerely, Kathryn

Yahuweh bless you and guard you. Yahuweh make His face to shine upon you
and show you favor. Yahuweh lift up His face upon you and give you