Final Beit Din E-mail

Subject: slander
Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2000 03:20:25 -0500
From: purnhrt <>

Shalom b'YHWH
To the Members of the Beit Din and the Friends of the Court,  a year
ago, when I questioned James Trimm, as to his authority to ban people,
and under what authority  was he accountable to, he stated, "I am under
the authority of the International Nazarene Beit-Din. We are House of
Judah Jewish Yahwists." THat is a quote from a post at EliYah's forum,
in the Echad forum, titled Unity conference, A Jewish View, page 1.

So since he is accountable to you, I write this to you, the Beit Din. I
have sent you the proof proving that James Trimm posted as Rabbi Yosef
and Yosef Liahona advocating the BoM. I also forwarded to you the
original copy of the letter James Trimm sent to me. On the 8th, I
received several forwards of an e-mail that James sent out to everyone,
stating alot of things. He said that my material was filled with lies
and half truths. Says that I am a liar.

"She claims:

    I received an e-mail from James Trimm admitting
    that he was Rabbi Yosef and participated at numerous
    forums, including Mormon, Branch Davidian and Muslim,
    under various names.

Well that is QUITE a distortion (even a lie) of the e-mail I sent.  The
e-mail I sent was carbon copied to all of the members of the SANJ
beit-din so it is not just my word against hers.  Below is an exact copy
of the e-mail I sent to this woman and carbon copied to the SANJ
beit-din members. When you read it you will see that she has TOTALLY
distorted and even lied about what it said."

Now I sent you the e-mail he sent me. I did not copy it or cut pieces of
it up and post certain parts. I forwarded the entire e-mail, which
cannot be changed. Now James proceeds to type a lot of stuff out, but it
is not an exact copy of the e-mail he states he sent. It has no header,
no addresses, no date, nothing. He just types what ever he pleases. If
you compare the original that I forwarded, with what he types in the
one, you will see that he has changed, deleted and added things.

"Furthermore it should be said that the SANJ forums are unmoderated.
The only reason Kathryn was unable to post was that she was banned from
all SANJ forums about a year ago because of abuse and anti-semitic
posts.  Thus her email address is filtered from all SANJ systems

I did not post under my address, but under a different one, since I was
told that James keeps databases on people of all transactions. Since I
disagreed with him last fall, I suspected that he might have my e-mail
address on a block. So I used my sons and postedunder my middle name,
Lynette. It was blocked. I got another e-mail address and tried again,
using a screen name. It also was blocked. That is when I sent the first
e-mail to you. I have proof that I sent them under different names and
addresses, so James's accusation is a lie. Also, I never participated at
any SANJ forums ever. I signed up for one list and in the first few
hours didnt like all the e-mails coming and the arguing going on, so I
immediately unsubscribed. I was never banned. I was never banned from
EliYah's forum, which I did participate at, where the debates with James
Trimm took place. I also have proof that I was not banned from there,
but left because of James Trimms accusing everyone of being anti-semetic
if they didnt agree with him.

"Nearly a year ago I was exposing the book CHRISTIANITY UNMASQUED as a
VERY anti-semitic book.  A book which even claims that all Jews are the
literal seed of Satan and cannot be saved.  I was exposing the book
because it was written and published by a man who was also the ISR's US
rep.  (and ISR is NOT anti-semitic).  This Kathryn was one of a handful
of people to support the book on various lists that I was exposing it
on.  She became very angry that Dan Israel was removed from ISR as a
result of my expose of the book. She soon attacked SANJ and the Beit Din
and began posting material written
by Chris Lingle. This surprised us, since we knew he had no internet
access at the time, it seemed clear that she was personal friends with
him.   This was not a surprise.  When Lingle apostasized we had heard
that he had returned to his anti-semitic circles.

For those who do not know Lingle was, I am sad to say a leader with SANJ
early on.

The information she posted by Lingle was packed with lies and easy for
Eric and I to disprove."

THis whole passage is a lie and once again, I have the proof. I have the
original forum debates in their entirety or you can see them at
EliYah's. At no time do I support the book. I merely typed out chapter
12 to show that James Trimm was taking things out of context with his
choppy misquoting system that he uses, like now. That way people could
judge for themselves. My reasons for doing this were because James had
accused DanChaput and Pete Vacca of being anti-semites and started a
smear campaign against them and tried to get them banned from future
conferences. I did not know Pete, but had talked with Dan twice when
Ordering copies of the ISR. At no time did he make anti-semetic
comments. He was adamant about getting Chrisitans to see the false
system that Christianity was, and that they walk in the ways of YHWH. He
did state that he did not believe Talmud had the same authority of

So based on those conversations, I called Dan up and asked about the
book and the conference. He denied adamantly being anti-semetic and sent
a copy of the book for me to see. He gave me Petes phone number and I
called Pete. Same thing and he sent a copy of the report he sent to the


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I would like to post a rebuttal to James Trimm's slanderous accusations,
against Pete Vacca and Dan Chaput. First off, Pete Vacca was not even
there at the conference. He sent his speech, with another member of the
Assembly, since he could not be there. Therefore, the paper was read,
exactly as it was written and Pete could not explain,
defend or correct any misconceptions, that listeners might have had.

Second, the the paper was on green ears verses the equinox, to determine
the month of Abib. Pete Vacca's contention was with the Karaites
determing of the month of Abib, in the manner they did this year. I am
getting a copy of this paper, and any one who wants to know exactly what
was read, can find out. Not quotes taken out of context, without
questioning the author.

Which brings me to my third point, concerning James's slander of Pete.
Pete told me that James Trimm and He have never even met. James is
making comments about a man, on public forums and over listservers, when
he does not even know him personally.

Concerning Dan, and the book Christianity Unmasked, again, Dan was not
approached by James to clarify or question anything. They also have not
met or spoken to each other. Chapter 12 of this book, is about
Judeo-Christianity. It states that the term is an oxymoron. Christianity
is against Judaism, therefore you cannot use that term for believers of
Yahuweh/Yhwhists. It is incongruous. Dan stated, not knowing if James
read the whole book, that James took the parts that he might have read,
out of context. The book is about Christianity, not Judaism. Chapter 12
also, defines Semetic. This involvs ALL the descendants of SHEM. That
includes Aram, Ashshur, Persia, and since Abraham
was Semetic, then Ishmael, would also be Semetic. THe term anti-semetic
does not mean against Jews alone.

Both of these men stated that James did not contact them to talk with
them before he publicly spread his slander. Both stated that he never
came to them, as a brother in Yahuweh, about this matter. He went
against Torah and slandered them.

Both of these men are Torah observant. THey follow True Torah. They walk
in the ways of Yahuweh. They do make a distinction between that which is
Torah of Yahuweh and that which is Talmud and Tradition of Judaism. They
follow what is in Scripture. THis does not make them anti-semetic; anti-
mens traditions, maybe, but not anti-semetic.

What I would like to know James, is why, having come from a unity
conference, you sought to divide the Yhwhistic community in this
fashion, by slandering men you have not even spoken to, on these
matters? "

James ended up apologizing to Pete and Dan is still a distributor of
ISR. I did not attack SANJ. I questioned James Trimm authority, to do
what he was doing and when he stated that he was Nasi of the Beit Din,
then I asked questions about how it got started. He said that he was
appointed as Nasi, so I asked by whom. He danced around an finally said
two men. When I asked several times who they were, he finally said Eric
Sanquist and Chris Lingle.

I had read what Chris had posted at I also had a friend
that knew him personally and had mentioned him several times, concerning
the Peshitta and having a concordance of it and a copy of Crawfords
Aramaic, which I was looking for. So I called my friend and asked for
him to pass on my phone number and ask him to call me or ask if it was
alright for me to call. I was given his number and I called and asked if
it was true that he and Eric voted him as Nasi.

"." Chris emphatically denies that he was a cofounder. He states that it
was your idea and you approached Eric Lindquist and him, about their
participation. Chris did not accept your offer of Av Beit Din (like
second in command to your Nasi).He even felt that the title Nasi was
inappropriate." Same thread, page 2

I never posted any material by Chris Lingle on the forum.

I was not personal friends with him either. From the first phone call
and my asking what I asked, we proceeded to discuss archaeolgy involing
the Name YHWH, semetic texts and Akkadian and Sumerian cuneiform, which
I had been researching. Chris told me that he had some material he would
send me of a Los Lunas inscription in New Mexico of the the decalogue.
We talked twice, then he called and said that they were going to family
reunion in Corpus and could he stop by and drop this stuff off. Since
our mutual friend had spoken well of him, I did not see any reason not
to. So they stopped by the next day.

He was getting on the net that week and my mutual friend wanted him to
see how AIM worked. So while he was on AIm with our friend, I looked
through all the copies he brought and talked with April. Then they left.
Two days later, Chris sent me some more copies and a pamphlet. The
pamphlet upset me. Then I started to question some comments he had made,
that I thought just might be southern biggotry, which I dont approve of.
You hear it alot in Texas and many grow up with it. He stated that is
was not right, all these black men marrying our women. I told him I did
not believe ethnicity was a problem for marriage, but rather being of
like faith. He didnt say anymore about blacks. But he did mention
something about hispanics.

The pamphlet was from the Aryan Nations and was anti-semetic propaganda.
I looked them up on the web, to see if they were the same Aryan Nations
that I had heard of, connected with Neo-Nazis. They were and more
shoking was that they use Yahweh and subscribe to the lost tribes
doctrine and replacement theology, which is what Chris talked of quite a
bit. I called my friend and told him what Chris had given me. He said
that Chris had made several off color comments before, but that he had
corrected Chris and Chris had never said anything more. I called Chris
and asked him why he sent the pamphlet. He said that it had some good
quotes about the Talmud and that he was doing research along those
lines. I told him that I dont subscribe to groups like that, that
promote hate and propaganda. He asked what they had written was not
true. I told him that you cant quote one Zionist saying that they are in
control of everything and apply that to the whole race. That the
pamphlet was written to make people hate the Jews, which I do not.

He then sends me a catalog of books, all written just like that
pamphlet. I wrote a letter to him stating that I wanted no further
contact with him and not to send me anything else in the mail. He then
gets web access and send a letter to me via my friend. It was denying
any anti-semetism, and saying that I had no right to cut off
communication. I did not reply back.

James then writes,
"In short this woman is NOT the objective source she claims to be.  She
is a hard core anti-semite who believes that those of us that are Jews
actually unredeemable seed of Satan.  She is in league with anti-semites
like Dan Israel and at least at one time has been in league with Lingle.
Beware of this woman.  She could be capable of ANYTHING."

I am not an anti-semite of any calibur. My posts prove it. Those who
know me, can state so. My studies prove this. Now I am submitting all
this to you, since James says that he is accountable to you. I have
already given you the evidence of his other slander. I asked you to
check that matter out and did not receive one single question or comment
from any of you. I have had bunches of people e-mailing me about the
letter from James and thanking me for revealing the truth. A number have
stated that they are no longer going to be involved with James Trimm and
SANJ because of his dishonesty. Now the first situation has caused
fallout, because James was not honest. He has now slandered me and I
have e-mails from all mentioned above. I have posts at Eliyahs, copied
completely, to show that I never said or did what James lied about. If
you do not check into this matter to verify what I have stated, and if I
do not get a full apology and retraction of all that he stated
concerning me, posted to the forum and sent to all the lists that he
sent his slander to, by the 11th, then I will make available all the
e-mails sent to you putting these situations to you first, all the
evidence and I have much more now than I had at first, showing yet
another name he went by, promoting the BoM as the renewed covenant of
the Book of Covenant-Thorah, the growing together of the Bible and the
Book of Mormon, the translating of the Jewish Book of Mormon, etc. These
are not the posts of a man doing research and trying to wean people of
of the BoM. I will make available all the correspondence involved, the
posts at EliYahs, and the personal correspondence, to many more than the
50 names I sent the post to. I will let the YHWHistic and Messianic
Community decide the issue. Do you want to stake your reputations, as
Beit Din members and that of your personal ministries, as well as SANJ,
on James Trimms lies and slander? I asked you to check into this before,
I ask again. It has been suggested that I  call my lawyer about a
slander and defamation of character suit and I have all the evidence to
prove my case. THe course of action depends on what you do next. I pray
that you will act more honorably and righteously than the man leading
the Beit Din. Shalom, Kathryn