E-mail to EliYah

Subject: Re:
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 13:17:04 -0500
From: Kathryn <purnhrt@flash.net>
To: EliYah <servant@eliyah.com>

Elijah, In the year that I have been at this forum, there is only one
person that I have seen, that continually posts updates to what he is
doing, selling and plugging, and constant links to his web site and that
is James Trimm. Yet your requirments for posting say that you do not
allow this , "* Please refrain from excessive advertising. This forum is

     not an outreach for your web site."

Doing a search on James Trimms name, you will see all the posts that he
has put up, advertising his lists, his books, his conference, his
speaking schedule, his schedule for when he speaks on Torah Talk, and
asking for contributions and such. I have always wondered why you
allowed this, when it was in direct and blatant contradiction to your

Only until recently, when he posted his comments on Dan Chaput and Pete
Vacca, did he enter into any discussion, and that was when I engaged

Then you move all posts dealing with anti-semetism to a private one,
saying this was not the place for arguments, but for study. Which I
agreed to.  Only to see you allow James to post another post on the
regular forum about anti-semetism and endorse it. Only this one is not
just about it, but calling people sign his contract, furthering his
deunification and broadening his power base as this "High Priest" of

Remember these words Elijah, he will use those signed statements, to
keep people in check, for any that speak against him and his teachings.

Funny, but last time I read the Beriyth Chadashah, I recall that the Ben
HaAdam, Yahusha' Ben Yahuweh, HaMashiach, was the one who separated the
sheep from the goats. James Trimm has no authority for setting himself
up in this position and determining who is of Yahuweh, who is a YHWHist,
who is a Yahudiym, or not. Scripture does that.

Trimm has not been able to Scripturally define the House of Yahudah and
the House of Ephrayim. He can't and won't because it is contrary to what
he has decided the House of Yahudah and the House of Ephrayim are. I
have many sources, that are Jewish, and I am talking 1920's, 1850's
Rabbi Jewish, that clearly state that the house of Yahudah was
recognized as those that were from the tribe of Yahudah, the southern
kingdom, and the House of Ephrayim, were those descended from the other
ten tribes, headed by the tribe of Ephrayim, the northern tribes. Not
only is this how traditional Jews viewed this subject, but this is in
accordance with Scripture. I have been in contact with a man, who is a
leader in the Shomroniym [Samaritan] community in Holon, Israel. They
view themselves as part of the house of Ephrayim, as agreed upon by
Jewish scholars.

This false belief of James Trimm's that the House of Yahudah is Jewish
believers and the House of Ephrayim is non-Jewish Believers, is
deceptive and sectarian, and cannot in any way be backed up by
Scripture. If you will seriously study the Scriptures, you will see the
truth on this matter.

You may deny that your forum is not an extension of James Trimms beliefs
or organization, but the evidence, which is on your own forum, indicates
otherwise. When I checked on Trimm's Beit Din page, about who was on it,
you were listed as an affiliate. That sounds like an extension to me.

No I do not agree with his definitions and statements. They are too
narrowminded and shallow. The subject of anti-semetism and the root of
its hate is much broader that what James defined. His statement reads as
a list of grievances to Chapter 12, and nothing more.

Yahusha' said that the greatest mitswoth was to love Yahuweh with all
your heart, and with all your nephesh [breath] and with all your
strength and with all your mind. The second was to love your fellowman
as yourself. On these two mitswoth hang/depend all the Torah and the
Nebiyiym. This is the Beriyth that I have covenanted to.  Not some list
to further the agenda of one man and his organization.

There are people, that have posted on your forum, that I have not always
agreed with. It may be about the equality of Yahusha' with Yahuweh, or
about trintiy, or about some translation of Scripture, but I would never
presume, to declare, that because they did not agree with me, that those
people were not YHWHists and should be shunned from fellowship or
conferences, or called anti-semetic. We are all learning and being built
up into a Beyth Yahuweh. What Trimm is doing is not according to
Scripture. So long as you endorse it, since the forum is yours, your
endorsement will cause me to not participate in your forum. That proably
will be a relief to you and certainly to James Trimm, seeing as how I
was one of the few,  to question him regarding  Scripture, verses all
his Judaistic beliefs.

Shalom, Kathryn