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Topic:   Echad Forum

 Posts: 419
posted 08-28-1999 12:04 PM

                  All posts involving Anti Semitism allegations have been moved to a
                  private forum. All who have posted there have been given access. If
                  you want access, email a moderator and it will be given. These kinds of
                  posts are truly outside the original intent and purpose for this forum.

                  May Yahshua's prayer be answered:

                       John 17:20 (NKJV) "I do not pray for these alone, but also for those
                       who will believe in Me through their word; 21 "that they all may be
                       one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be
                       one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.

                  With love in His service,


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posted 08-29-1999 06:30 AM

                  Eliyah what's your definition of anti-semitic?

                  What gives you the right to censor this forum
                  in this way?

                  This is not about racism,
                  but by your censorship you make it racism.

                  Are jews the people of elohim,or is the YAHUWDIM?
                  That's the real question being raised here,
                  and I guess it don't fit YOUR PERSONAL THEOLOGY.

                  Does this issue matter?

                  Does it matter who YHWH's people are?

                  You bet it does!

                  Your wrong,WRONG,WRONG Eliyah i.e.CENSORSHIP!

                  What's the matter Eliyah,
                  don't you know we live in America,
                  what is supposed to a be a free country.i.e.FREEDOM OF SPEECH
                 AND IDEAS.


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 Posts: 486
 Registered: May 99
                     posted 08-29-1999 07:16 AM


                  _____I think this was a good call. Just as the other one to restrict the
                  posting privileges of those who chose to violate their agreements.
                  _____There are a multitude of forums, BBs, chat rooms, etc. on the net
                  where one may discuss and debate any variety of subjects. I do not see
                  any censorship in moving a thread to another location when it is
                  outside the scope of this forum.
                  _____Perhaps Stanton should lighten up a tad .


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                     posted 08-29-1999 08:11 AM

                  Well if it isn't my old christian friend.
                  How are you doing old Shepherd?

                  You know OS the catholic's used censor the scriptures
                  way back in the old days,by keeping everybody illiterate.

                  That way they could decide for everybody else
                  what was in the scriptures and what the scriptures said.

                  Pretty convenient for them ,Huh!

                  Do you think that was a good call to?

                  Perhaps james Trimm should lighten up a tad on this anti-semitic stuff,
                  just because someone does not agree with his THEOLOGY.

                  Freedom of speech is a fundamental right in this country.

                  I believe it's right that James Trimm or Dan anyone else
                  should have the right to express what they
                  believe on this forum for all the people here to see,
                  and then let them judge for themselves who is right or who is wrong.

                  This not about racism ,even though that's what is being implied by
                  james i.e. anti-semitism.

                  Eliyah is implying the samething with his censorship of this topic.

                  Eliyah is the host of this forum and should not be choosing sides in
                  this manner i.e. eliminating only one view point of the topic.

                  James Trimm has posts still on the this board with his veiw point.
                  why haven't they been move also?

                  HOW ABOUT IT ELIYAH,if it's good for one it's good for all!

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 Posts: 419
                     posted 08-29-1999 08:28 AM


                  First of all, this is not censorship. You and everyone else who posted to
                  this forum regarding this issue has access to the Echad Forum. If
                  anyone else wants to participate, all they need to do is ask (a couple

                  Second of all, the main purpose the posts were moved was not because
                  of the topic..but because of the strife and accusations flying back and
                  forth. It does not look good upon Yahweh's name. Despite this, the
                  issue did need to be resolved and I believe it is important that there is
                  no hatred toward the tribe of Judah as a race of people...hence the
                  moving of the posts to another forum.

                  There are other things (on a related topic) I wish to say to you
                   privately, but I don't have your email address.

                  With love in His service,


                  [This message has been edited by EliYah (edited 08-29-1999).]

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 Posts: 205
                     posted 08-29-1999 09:43 AM


                  If this discussion were taking place in a meeting hall, or a building
                  where the Brothers and Sisters were gathering, at this point in the
                  discussion, if not earlier, it would have been moved to an isolated
                 room where those involved could continue to discuss the issue.

                  There is no need to continue this type of conversation in a forum that is
                  meant for discussing issues that have to do with OVERCOMING and
                  teaching of the true way a believer should walk.

                  Those who would like to post are still able to if they like.

                  Shalom in Yahushua,

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 Posts: 60
 Registered: Aug 1999
                     posted 08-29-1999 12:21 PM

                  The problem stems from ignorance!!!!
                  We are ignorant as to whom the evil person
                  is whom they are and what they are.
                  The 13th Tribe will tell you, who hate Jews
                  exactly who the counterfite Jew is.
                  If those who speak about the Hebrews of
                  the world, the Israelites of the world, doing
                  horrible things to us/you, its because of
                  true/real ignorance.
                  Noah got off the only boat around and everyone on that craft was a
                  Hebrew=you are a Hebrew, an Israelite. there is no one else
                  left. You need to understand this. Wicked
                  people who hate Jews haven't the fainest idea
                  as to whom they are hating. They don't hate
                  real Israelites, because a real Israelite does know Yah. And is called by
                 Yah through
                  His Son, Yahshua ha Moshiach.
                  Ignorance is what is taking place. They don't
                  hate us=because they don't know who we are.
                  Read the 13th tribe and send a copy to those
                  whom you feel spread death and destruction
                  over the face of the land by hating us/you.
                  And, as soon as they find out exactly who it
                  is that they hate, they will help us/you
                  fight Satan the correct way

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 Posts: 171
 Registered: Sep 98
                     posted 08-29-1999 12:27 PM

                  I for one, feel that it was better to move it from this forum, to a private
                  one. But, like Don, I feel that Trimms other posts, which were rebuttals
                  to Chapter 12, should have been moved as well. I do appreciate that
                  they were not simply deleted. Thank you Elijah.

                  I prefer a site to study. It was not my intention for such a debate to
                  begin. But when accusations of men came up, that did not know they
                  were here and could not defend themselves, and no one seemed to
                  care what was happening, or check things out, I stepped into the
                  breach to do something about this. I do not feel comfortable with the
                  fact that Trimms multiple threads on the attack, were allowed and not
                  moved, but when I posted his call for back up, then it gets moved right
                  away. Why wasn't the subject moved in the first few days of it
                  originating? This makes me question things. Especially since Yirmeyah
                 was replaced as administrator. The impression it gives, is one of

                  This is Elijahs forum and whether we approve of his decisions or not,
                  whether something looks just or not, it is his to do with as he pleases.
                  IF we feel slighted or unjustly dealt with, we have the choice of leaving
                  and frequenting another forum, or starting our own. There are plenty
                  of free list servers available for someone to do that. The administrator
                  decisions are his, and the decisions about whether to remain here are

                  We should concentrate on studies here, since that is what it was set up
                  for.  Shalom, Kat

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 James Trimm

 Posts: 243
 Registered: Oct 98
posted 08-29-1999 01:42 PM

                  Personally I was not in favor of the removal

                  Anti-Semitism in the Yahwist movement has been swept under the rug
                  for far to long.

                  I am in favor of getting this dirty little secret out in the open.

                  Anti-semitism is like roaches, when ignored and left to a dark corner it
                  does not go away, it breeds.

                  Anti-Semitism and anti-semitse should be put right in the store
                  window for everyone to look at.

                  When one publishes statements (and these were all in some way
                   "published") one CANNOT practically expect to have a voice in every
                   discusion of those statements. That is life. I know, I have written
                   several books andarticles and it is a forgone conlusion that they have
                   been discussed outside of  my presence.

                  When one publishes something he must realize that he gives up any
                   right or expectation that it will not be discussed outside his presence.

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 Posts: 171
 Registered: Sep 98
posted 08-29-1999 03:04 PM

                  James, I did not approve of it being moved, to hide anti-semitism in a
                  dark corner, but to agree, that this forum was created for study, not
                  propaganda and accusations. You have your own lists that you can do
                  that on. What is not being hidden by your posts, is your arrogance and
                  support of Judaism, and your twisting and manipulating of Scriptures,
                  to make it appear that Judaism is the True Faith and anyone that
                  disagress is an anti-semite.

                  I have approved Elijah's decision to remove the posters of an extreme
                  amount of the Quran also. Or when people were promoting
                  Christianity and pagan terms for Yahuweh. I didn't come here to study
                  Islam or Christianity or Judaism. I came here to study with others, the
                  Hebraic Scriptures of Yahuweh.

                  If I were hiding anything, I would not have typed Petes speech, in its
                  entirety, nor Chapter 12 and sent it to anyone that wa interested. I
                  didn't pick and choose, certain phrases, to make something appear,
                  what it was not. I believe and strive for truth. Nothing was being
                  hidden here.


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 James Trimm

 Posts: 243
 Registered: Oct 98
                     posted 08-29-1999 09:18 PM

                  >I didn't pick and choose, certain phrases, >to make something appear,
                   what it was not

                  Neither did I. I quoted the book in context and accurately.

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 Posts: 79
                     posted 08-29-1999 11:58 PM


                  I see that there is disagreement on the removal of less desirable topics,
                  but, as it has been stated, these things are outside the original
                  intentions and purpose of the main forum. I feel it is tov that there is
                  an opportunity to continue them in an area where all who wish to be
                  involved in such exchange, can choose to view or participate in it.

                  YAHWEH bless you, as you seek His will!
                  Shalom! brian

                  [This message has been edited by Berean (edited 08-30-1999).]

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