Response from Michael Detwiller, 7-6-2000, to my mailing to the 50

Subject: Re: forum
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 06:57:58 -0600
From: Michael Detwiler <>
To: purnhrt <>

I will respnd to you privately.  I prefer to leave those who are not directly involved out of the fray.

You must be commended for your hard work in attempting to justify ones position who has ***

The list of offenses, include cultural, civil, and spiritual.  Myself, as the Rosh Beit Din, being one of the bulls eyes of the attacks, have never posted many of the real reasons for one to distance himself from her.  I could show emails that admit ***  I have attempted to keep these details off the public forums, and have attempted to deal with them privately and directly with her and her husband . . .  to no avail.

Oh, and it is not "new" news that James did participate in the BoM site as Yosef and other names (though the major Yosef on the list was Kurt Neumiller) , and that he has also participated and created Muslim forums (under other names), various Yahwist lists (oneness doctrines), the Ebionite lists (anti "Paulist"), etc.  This was / is and attempt to take the truth of Torah and Moshiach to these various groups.

The real truth here, dear Kathryn, is that as strange as it may seem, (which can be verified by various emails) that our friend ([Mrs. H.]) has been operating ***.


Some facts that have been mis-represented in your "investigation" below.  James response to the Yosef thing was on July 3, not 4.  This is key in the development of your "plot" against James.  2nd, "if" James deleted the archives (which you imply and I do not know at this point) who would blame him.  Everything that can be found and misconstrued and misrepresented in order to destroy him and others is being attempted . . .  *** Sick isnt it? Really sick!

Please, tell me.  Are you a local (Denver) area "friend" of [Mrs. H's]?  If so, you should come forward instead of hiding behind "" ambiguity . . . come forward and find out how you can help her by facing the truth and dishing out "tough love," rather than attempting to support and justify this diabolical string of events.  If you are so very interested in "truth" then privately email me your full name, phone, and address.  You have nothing to hide.  I will detail to you the best manner, privately, to be a help in this situation rather than to be a facilitator.