My Reply to Michael Detwiller, 7-6-2000

Subject: Re: forum
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 11:48:14 -0500
From: purnhrt <>
To: Michael Detwiler <>
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SHalom b'YHWH
You misjudge me, Mr. Detwiller. I did not do this to aid [Mrs. H.], I did this to find the truth. Once found, I tried to post it and was kept from doing so. I did not meet [Mrs. H.] until I found the proof and contacted them by e-mail, to let them know and that is when I found out that they were being tried by the Beit Din. I was not aware of all the goings on between y'all. I was simply trying to validate one way or another that James Trimm was Rabbi Yosef, since I had heard this years ago.

Since you have made statements about *** and proof, then by all means, forward each e-mail. Do not copy text. I want to see the whole e-mail please. And there is no plot against James on my part. He has avoided directly answering questions, sidestepped issues, allowed people to think a person was lying, did not speak up when she was verbally attacked for her statement, did not set the record straight before the people that wanted to know and wanted proof. He has lied as James Trimm saying that he does not advocate the BoM and as Rabbi Yosef or Yosef Liahona advocating it. He is one and the same nafesh before YHWH. It does not matter what name he calls himself when doing things. He behaved unrighteously in those situations and if this revealing of proof looks badly for him and discredits him, the fault is his own and not someone elses. He had plenty of opportunities to acknowledge who he was and what he was doing.

No, I am not from Denver. Neither am I hiding under is a major ISP in Texas. That is funny. Funny how James did not question who I was when he e-mailed me as to the fact that he posted under several names. He knew who I was. Ask Trimm who I am. He even has a physical address on me, since at the time that I sent a check to SANJ, I was told that I was the single largest contributor, by Trimm, and Lingle. He also has my phone number, since I asked to be removed from his list of quotes from other peoples books, and he called me personally to ask me to stay. Ask Eric Sanquist who I am, since he and I exchanged e-mails, prior and during his appointment as Av Beit Din and during. Ask Luana Fabry. I was on her mailing list from over 2 years ago and still occassionally get things from her. Ask EliYah. I participated at his forum for quite awhile. All show my name and e-mail address as
and my name as Kathryn.

The only reason that I used another e-mail to try and post the first time, is that my is on file with Trimm and I didnt want it being flagged and stopped, since he keeps a database on people.. I have always gone by that address in all my dealings with people. I have even used my name Kathryn, at the forums that I have participated at. I hid nothing Mr. Detwiller. You are arrogant in your presumptions of what I have done, what my motives are and who I am.

Shalom, Kathryn Lynette Kern Olenick