Reply to djhome 61, 7-6-2000

Subject: [Fwd: Beit Din]
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 10:28:35 -0500
From: purnhrt <>

Shalom b'YHWH
You do not seem to understand how important truth is to YHWH. Since you
dont know me, you do not know how important it is to me. I did not know
[Mrs. H.] prior to beginning this. But I have heard her type of plea before
and that is what prompted me to check this out, that and I had heard for
years that James Trimm was Rabbi Yosef, from others that kept up with
him. As to being [Mrs. H.], you are sadly mistaken and opening your mouth
before checking things out, or asked, shows your ignorance. Shalom,

YHWH bless you and guard you. YHWH make His face to shine upon you and
show you favor. YHWH lift up His face upon you and give you shalom.