James Trimm Spam Policy:

The Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism

SANJ has adopted a new anti-SPAM policy.  In the past, anyone could post to the list-servers, even non-members.  This is no longer the case.  Only subscribers may now post to the lists.  Subscribers who post SPAM will be warned once then removed on a second offence.  Attempts to re-subscribe and post SPAM will result in blockage from the list-servers for a period of 30 days.  Additional SPAM after returning will result in permanent blockage of the user

For our purposes, SPAM will be any mail sent to our lists, or posted across multiple lists which involves advertising of products or services.  This specifically includes products or services that are off topic to the lists.

If you have a posting which may fall under these guide lines but you believe to be relevant to the lists, please email webmaster@nazarene.net for approval.  Approval or denial will be given by return mail within 48 hours if possible.

Violation of this policy and use of procedures to bypass anti-SPAM safe-guards will be determined as hostile and can resulting directly billed fines as high as $537.00 per user subscribed.  Funds received as fines will not be tax deductible and will be billed directly.  Funds collected will be used to benefit SANJ projects.  Failure to pay fines within 30 days of billing can result in reports to credit bureaus and collection agencies.

This strict policy has been developed because of past SPAM abuse of our lists.  This is a publicly available notice.

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                                    Last changed: October 23, 1998