9-3 Post 41142 James Trimm

               From: James Trimm  <jstrimm@h...>
               Date: Sun Sep 3, 2000 7:29pm
               Subject: Sunday or Satuday: Does it matter?

               A book from another Messianic ministry (not SANJ!) makes the following

                       There is nothing wrong with worshipping on Sunday.
                       There is nothing biblically wrong with going to a place
                       of worship on a Sunday and becoming as much involved
                       as one desires.

                       It is, however, biblically incorrect to call Sunday,
                       or any other day than the seventh day, "Shabbat."
                       God included the Shabbat as one of the mo'adim--
                       His specially appointed times.  Therefore, its placement
                       on the seventh day of the week is very important and
                       should not be diminished.  It can be honored fully,
                       even if one worships on Sunday or any other day
                       of the week. ...

                       ...we suggest that you merely inform your friends
                       (nicely of course!) that you do not have a problem
                       with worshipping on a Sunday just as long as they
                       do not insist that it be called "the Sabbath."

               Any thoughts on this?

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