Subject: Re: For Catheryn Kern
From: Kathryn
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 20:42:27 -0600
To: Mitch and Sharon

Mitch, thank you for replying to my phone call to Mickey.
It is a long road to where I am now , with the questions I have. I was asked to look into a matter of a man named James Trimm who slandered a woman at a forum. Through dns numbers on the posts, I was able to determine that the woman was correct, that James Trimm was posing as Rabbi Yosef and promoting that the Book of Mormon was a Semitic document. When I posted the truth to the forum, Trimm then went on to excuse his lie and the slander of the woman for speaking the truth, as research, as he had done for his doctorate. Something he said didnt sit right, besides the fact that he did not apologize for his slander, nor his lie and I began looking into his doctorate. It turns out that he had none, it was acquired from an illegal online diploma mill. He did not even have a bachelors or a masters degree, had never even been to college. He continued to say that he had earned it in Semitic Studies. He does not even have a rabbinate, never attended a yeshiva and was not even Jewish as he claimed. His whole family is Irish and have stated that they are Irish, not the least bit Jewish. Everything about this man is a fraud. He lies to milk money from people, to live off the earning of others, while he does no work at all and has not for years.He plagiarized several works and stated he translated them and has recently taken to publishing his plagiarized version of the bible, and for two years not printed or sent anything to the people that paid for the copies years ago. Now he says that they were donations and he does not need to pay anything back. 

Recently, Moshe Koniuchowsky, has endorsed Trimm on the net. They have joined parts of their organizations as well. This makes me question the integrity of Moshe, to back up a man so unrighteous that has deceived Jews, Christians and Messianics. Moshe has been aware of the previous information and yet chose to defend him anyway. I was sent an email stating that there were questions if Koniuchowsky was even Jewish or if he was another pretender like so many of these men that work together or received false conversions. So many of these men just claim to be Rabbi's yet have never been to Yeshiva, they dont know Hebrew and many of them are not even Jewish by birth. I saw Moshe's article about a Leiba Koniuchowsky in FL and checked. Someone at the chapel said that he had no son and no rabbi was at the funeral. Moshe had stated online that He officiated at the funeral and Brian Samtur, his friend was cantor.  I was speaking with Rabbi Pearlson and he sent me an email stating Mickey was the state appointed guardian. I got a hold of Mickey this evening and explained why I was curious, was Moshe making up a Jewish father to lend credibility to his organization and his sales.

It seems that there are questions to his name as well. His earlier books were published as Marshall Koniuchowsky. He said that he only used that name because the publisher said that Moshe would not be received well. That Moshe is his birth name and not Marshall. THe Messianic movement is rampant with people just taking a Hebrew name, not legally, and portraying themselves as Jewish. Jews for Judaism contacted me about Trimm and the men associated with him because of what I had found out about the false conversions and Trimm not even being Jewish. It seems that they were deceiving the Jewish community as well.

I am an individual, not part of any organization. I am just concerned about the truth. I am not a Christian, though I used to be. I am not a Messianic, not subscribing to all their beliefs either. Nor am I Jewish, I have not made formal conversion, having some questions about Judaism as well. I do observe the Torah, keep dietary laws, the sanitary laws, the Shabbath and other feasts, etc. My only motive in this is truth. Is Koniuchowsky telling the truth, representing himself truthfully, or has he been making up a name, an identity to better ask money of others? In light of his support and alliance of a fraud, many more people have been concerned as well, from all different sects.  Please forgive my questions. I know that they may seem personal. But I do not like people lied to or deceived, bullied in a sense, with false information. If he is indeed the son of Leiba Koniuchowsky and Jewish, I will be more than glad to defend that. If his birth name is Moshe and not Marshall, than I will put that to rest as well.  I hope that you will be willing to shed light on my questions. If you have any questions for me, I am more than willing to answer them.

Shalom, Kathryn

Mitch and Sharon wrote:
Dear Ms. Kern-
I have just received a telephone call from my associate Mickey Klevansky.  Mickey indicated that you had spoken at some length regarding understanding better the integrity of my cousin Marshall Koniuchowsky, aka, Moshe Koniuchowsky.
Marshall's dad was Leiba Koniuchowsky.  Leiba was my great uncle.  I was recently asked to serve as executor of the estate and personal representative for Leiba in his later years.
As I am not sure of the nature and context of your inquiry regarding either Marshall or Leiba but would be happy to be of assistance to you in seeking to better understand each person. 
Please feel free to correspond with some greater details so that I can be of more help.
Mitch Konichowsky