Subject: Re: For Catheryn Kern
From: Mitch and Sharon
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 20:04:31 -0400
To: Kathryn

I appreciate where you are coming from.  I am cautious of approaching anything near slander or libel so here is what I am comfortable commenting on...
First, a little of my background:  I am Moshe's cousin and Leiba was my great uncle.  I knew Leiba throughout my life.  I am a trained attorney now working in corporate finance on Wall Street.  About a decade ago, Leiba began preparing for his eventual demise.  He asked me to become his personal representative and executor. 
In my opinion, Leiba was a hard-working man who struggled, like most holocaust survivors, to make sense of what he lived through.  He spent years after the war taking sworn testimony and filing affidavits from survivors and townspeople, particularly in the areas of Lithuania and Latvia.  He wanted to make sure that there would be a historical record kept while peoples memories were fresh.  He wanted to make sure that history got its facts straight...  That was the kind of man that he was...  He made sure that he self-funded over 2,000 pages of these affidavits and his works that are filed in both English and Yiddish in the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library.  I believe that he also has excerpts filed Yad Vashem in Israel and YIVO (Yiddish Institute). 
When he got to the states, he became a civil engineer for the city of New York while living in Queens.  While working and living in NY he had a son who's legal name is Moshe.  He was approximately 45 years old when he had his first and only son.  I would imagine that this was not the typical American household to grow up in.
Moshe tried hard to be Americanized.  So early on, while in junior high school and high school he began to also be known as Marshall. 
Moshe/Marshall is a very intelligent person.  However, Moshe/Rabbi Moshe/Marshall had very strong disagreements with his father over religion.  His father was not into Talmudic learning where he would go point to point with his son.  Basically, once Moshe/Marshall molded his thinking, studies, philosophies, etc. towards Messianic viewpoints father and son had more than a little trouble connecting.  I am not sure of the details as to how this drift impacted Moshe's life but I do not think that Leiba was accepting of the message, lifestyle or other actions of his son.  That is why Leiba asked me to become his personal representative and executor.  I am not sure which one felt they were more religious but I can tell you that the two had the same stubbornness and desires to be interpreted as "right" while the other was "wrong".  This was particularly disturbing to watch with someone who survived the holocaust. 
With time, Moshe became more religious in his pursuits.  At that point he was basically disassociated from more of the mainstream population and certainly from my family.  I cannot tell you that what he says, does or advocates is right, wrong or otherwise.  I just don't believe that religion is something that you have to impose upon others.  Its personal.  So I choose not to engage him.
Second, I think it is very unfortunate that there are people in this world who take advantage of others, particularly through religion.  Religion to me is a deeply personal spiritual journey that every person and group must undertake.  Hopefully the effort raises common standards of decency, kindness, altruism, respect and consideration for all people.  Those that use religion to swindle, delude or otherwise hurt others are criminals.  Nothing less.  They should be prosecuted.
Third, if this Trimm guy is as bad as you say, then I support your effort to stop him from causing harm to others using religion as a means for taking advantage.  I will want to do my own investigation into whether my cousin is aware of this person's background.  Hopefully, there is nothing nefarious going on between the two.
As to some of your other questions in your previous emails:
I was at Leiba's funeral.  Out of pure respect in creating a final peace between father and son, I allowed Moshe to preside over the funeral proceedings for his father.  It was a respectful loving service.  Brian Samtur did preside as Cantor. 
I make no statements about the legitimacy or righteousness of these people.  I merely can confirm the facts that I witnessed at Leiba's funeral.
As to Leiba's wits in the last year or so before he died...  He was old.  Up until about two years ago, Leiba was not only sound but he was wholly independent.  In the last year before he died, his mind and health deteriorated badly.  I made sure that he was well provided for to the end.
Kathryn, I believe that what you are saying is true and that you are acting out of concern.  I will check out what I can from this end and let you know what I find out.  I hope that my cousin is neither walking blindly into a malignant association nor acting as an agent of any malignancy.  Should I find out more I will correspond accordingly.
I will send word to my cousin immediately to be wary of this Trimm character.
Thank you.
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Mitch, I am sorry if my questions or the situation was upsetting to you. I know that he is a relative and having a stranger ask questions of integrity can be upsetting. I did not intend to upset you in any way. I have been honest in my motives and in my information. My questions have been only for the sake of protecting others.  I have another question that I forgot to ask, if it is permissable. Moshe/Marshall wrote in an article about his father. In it he stated that he was in a south Florida nursing home, having lost his wits. This was written in 2002. Did Leiba lose his "wits" at that time, or at any time? I read an article of an interview just 2 years prior and he seemed very much in possession of his faculties, but with the elderly, alot can change in a very short period of time.

Thank you, Kathryn

Mitch and Sharon wrote:
Dear Ms. Kern-
I have just received a telephone call from my associate Mickey Klevansky.  Mickey indicated that you had spoken at some length regarding understanding better the integrity of my cousin Marshall Koniuchowsky, aka, Moshe Koniuchowsky.
Marshall's dad was Leiba Koniuchowsky.  Leiba was my great uncle.  I was recently asked to serve as executor of the estate and personal representative for Leiba in his later years.
As I am not sure of the nature and context of your inquiry regarding either Marshall or Leiba but would be happy to be of assistance to you in seeking to better understand each person. 
Please feel free to correspond with some greater details so that I can be of more help.
Mitch Konichowsky