Subject: For Catheryn Kern
From: Mitch and Sharon
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 21:55:38 -0400

Dear Ms. Kern-
I have just received a telephone call from my associate Mickey Klevansky.  Mickey indicated that you had spoken at some length regarding understanding better the integrity of my cousin Marshall Koniuchowsky, aka, Moshe Koniuchowsky.
Marshall's dad was Leiba Koniuchowsky.  Leiba was my great uncle.  I was recently asked to serve as executor of the estate and personal representative for Leiba in his later years.
As I am not sure of the nature and context of your inquiry regarding either Marshall or Leiba but would be happy to be of assistance to you in seeking to better understand each person. 
Please feel free to correspond with some greater details so that I can be of more help.
Mitch Konichowsky