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What Is In A Name?

By Messianic Rabbi Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky

Throughout the centuries of the Diaspora, Jews have been the targets of conversion attempts to paganized Christianity both coerced and forced. These attempts were often followed by forced baptisms and edicts of either assimilation or expulsion. When these measures failed or due to some benign circumstance could not be carried out, our enemies often settled for smaller victories. The Gentile nations of the world would go to a secondary plan of progressive assimilation, with the changing of Hebraic birth and biblical names such as Nathan and Aaron into pagan names such as Nick or Alex. Under this satanic system and diabolical plan to eliminate physical Israel (Judah and Ephraim), names such as Jacob were turned into Jack, Isaac was turned into Irving, Joseph became Harvey, Abraham became Alan, Baruch became Bernard and Barry, Hadassah became Edith, Noah became Norman and Moshe became Marshall.

I do not wish to belabor this point, but I think you get the picture! These name changes were sold to us by apostate churchianity, who reminded us that these new names would definitely benefit us in business, commerce and in social acceptance. Tragically we bought into this lie and participated in our destruction. Some of these name changes were even confirmed by "church" baptisms overseen by Jews themselves. Instead of westernized Hellenistic paganism doing forced conversions and baptisms, the devil discovered and propagated a seemingly benign way, through which we could destroy ourselves. Why not get us to simply eliminate our own identity by changing our own names? When we change names and adopt pagan names, we are then only one small step away from ceasing the practice of Torah, circumcision and Shabbat observance. This evil and ingenious plan called for us as children of Israel to destroy ourselves. It seemed as if anytime organized religion tried to do the dirty work, the Elohim of Israel would step in for our defense. Within one or at the most two generations, satan would have accomplished the virtual disappearance of the Israelite nation, as we now know them! His plan was for us to slit our own throats through self-inflicted wounds!

I will never forget the time when I had just graduated college back in 1979 and sat with my prospective Jewish employer to discuss starting my first job. My new Jewish employer looked me straight in the eye and told me that I would never get far in the business world with a Jewish name like Moshe (which is my legal name on my birth certificate despite MJAA claims to the contrary). He pointed his finger at me and said "you know, you look like a Marshall. You'll do a lot better in business as Marshall (without the burden of carrying around your Jewishness as an albatross)."

I lovingly adopted that name since it freed me from the name given to me by my verbally abusive father who would use the name of Moshe, as would an army drill sergeant. I admittedly hid under that pagan moniker. "Marshall" helped me to avoid detection as a Jew and to also avoid memories of a somewhat abusive and unpleasant childhood at the hands of both my father and non Jewish acquaintances, who would ridicule the ethnicity of a uniquely Jewish name like Moshe. Virtually thousands of Jewish people have had their names changed for somewhat similar reasons, sold to them under the evil guise of simplicity, professional advantage and convenience. In light of this tragic history, several observations are in order for us as a nation, as well as for those living in this western culture. First there is a warning to the manmade so called "church". Leave us alone and allow us to name our babies for and to the glory of Yahweh. If you want to share the Gospel with us that is fine and divine. Do not teach us how to raise our kids as children Of Israel, since that is not your agenda, though it is Yahweh's! We were naming our children with biblical names held by our forefathers for centuries, before Hellenized Gentiles came into existence and decided to eliminate both houses of Israel. Yahshua died to save the our nation from sin, not from biblical Israelite faith (which contrary to popular opinion is not a disease that we need to be pulled out of)! Moses named his son Gershom, did he not? With the influence of the modern Hellenized church system, no doubt Gershom Ben Moshe would have become Gary Small!

May this be a strong exhortation to the traditional Jewish community as well! Change your names back to what they originally were, or your pagan name will be a major first step to destruction through assimilation. While these appear to be strong words, they are nonetheless true. Why be an accomplice in the Final Solution to the Jewish and lost tribes question? Change your names back to Yahweh's choice for you and by doing so, make a statement to the world, the devil and false religious systems, that you were born an Israelite (Jews and Ephraim) and will die one, all the while refusing to adopt pagan names for business , social or any other reasons. As a second step, go back to the Holy Land Of Israel and liquidate the Diaspora, before the Diaspora liquidates you! According to Jeremiah 16:16, you as a traditional Jew or Messianic Nazarene Yisraelite have only two choices. You can be fished back in relative peace and serenity through Zionistic proclamations and through the Zionistic preaching of Yahshua's Gospel (yes Yahshua was and still is an ardent Zionist), or you can be hunted back to the land of Israel. Yahweh promises that if you are comfortable in America and have adopted it as your personal Babylon, He will still remove you and bring you back by human hunters. They will hunt you down through religious persecution until you flee back.

We believe that Zionism is not a political hot potato to be discussed by sincere men of opposing views. Rather it is the only biblically outlined eternal plan of survival for both houses of Israel! Do you want to change your name back to what it was and go back as a free individual to Israel, or do you want to wait until the anti Semitic hunters come and knock at your door? The militant Jewish Defense League's slogan is "never again." Yahweh's slogan is "never again if you obey, but one more time if you disobey." Ezekial 39:28-29 makes it crystal clear that the day will soon dawn when not a single Israelite man, woman, boy, or girl living according to Ezekial 37 guidelines (no idolatry, division or double mindedness), will be left in any of the countries of the Diaspora. That is the plan! You will either get with it, or Yahweh will send hunters to hunt you down and break your foolish pride. As it always has been, the choice is yours to make! Finally, I need to address the Messianic Nazarene Yisrael community. It is we that have and possess the Ruach Hakodesh, through our faith in Israel's resurrected Messiah. We must tap into that wisdom and discernment that come along as gifts of the Ruach and use it to set the standard. The Ruach of Yahweh will lead the way in reinstating our Israelite heritage and culture. Frankly, many of our traditional Jewish brothers are too busy using their pagan  names to enrich themselves, by seeking to establish careers in the Galut (Diaspora). They do not want to change, despite the above warnings.

We do not need to be rocket scientists to figure out that the organized Roman based church system, does not intend to lead a campaign for a return to our Hebraic culture and heritage. First John 5:21 calls us to keep ourselves from their error. The burden of action is on you and me!  It is this glorious last day Messianic Nazarene Yisrael restoration movement, predicted and prophesied through Hosea the prophet in chapter 3:4-5 (around the year 750 BC), that must set and raise the standard. As I become more familiar with Messianic Nazarene Yisrael, I see more of our Israelite brethren from both houses re-adopting their Hebraic birth names, re-adopting Israelite heritage and being obedient to Yahweh. Messianic Nazarene Yisraelites from both houses are making aliyah (returning to Israel), even though they find themselves giving up comfortable and affluent circumstances in first world western nations. Considering this observation the growing anti missionary element in the Orthodox Jewish community must stifle their tongues! Yahshua's love and care for us is making us more culturally Hebraic and Torah observant than even you yourselves are! (Not bad for us meshumadim-traitors!) It is this return to Yahweh, through Yahshua, that is provoking us to return to our Hebraic heritage. If Messianic Nazarene Yisrael was just another Christian attempt at the conversion of our people, then wouldn't we be more Catholic or Lutheran in our lifestyle? Wouldn't we exhibit the same traits as those converting us? That unfortunately did happen for two thousand years, but those days are over forever!! Yahweh has actually reinvented the wheel and found a way for wandering and scattered Israelites, to receive eternal life and the forgiveness of all their sins, while allowing them to maintain and grow in their Israelite heritage!  What an Almighty Yahweh we serve!

Today, those involved with Messianic Nazarene Yisrael are taking the bull by the horns and saying "enough assimilation." This task has fallen to us as the new determiners of Messianic halachah, because spiritually bankrupt traditional Jewish leadership has failed in that very task. Any Jewish leadership that would purposely cover up Yahshua's Messianic claims to His people, by willfully omitting the reading of Isaiah 53 in the Haftorah portion on the Shabbat, can hardly be trusted to lead us back to a full Israelite heritage. All the while they have been misleading many Jewish Israelites about the arrival of the New Covenant of Messiah Yahshua, promised through Jeremiah (Jeremiah 31:31 in 550 BC), to both houses of Israel. In Isaiah 3:12, Yahweh cautions the Israelite nation that traditional leadership teaches many erroneous doctrines. He warns that those leaders who teach the doctrines of anti-messiah, cause us as a people to be destroyed (Hosea 4:6).

It is Messianic Nazarene Yisraelites who are returning to Yahweh through teshuva (repentance), through Yahshua the Cohen Hagadol of Elohim (High Priest of Yahweh over Israel), and through His atonement. Messianic Nazarene Yisraelites have been called by Yahweh to set the standard and model for all Israel. We have the boldness and the courage to proclaim "thus saith Yahweh." We have the kishkas (guts), to follow through by way of a Hebraic lifestyle, through the indwelling prophetic anointed power of the Ruach Hakodesh in our lives.

This divine mandate has been deposited in our midst by Yahweh. To ignore His leading and revealed will would be sin in the camp. That sin is certainly one we do not need and it is our business to make sure that those Achin's hiding in Messianic Nazarene Yisrael's tents, have nothing sinful hidden in those theological tents. We do not need Israelite believers sinning covertly by referring saved born again Israelites Judah and Ephraim) to Babylonian style churches. These Achins need to be exposed and lovingly restored to Messianic Nazarene Yisrael "the last great hope of the Israelite nation" This day I record heaven and earth to witness this warning to our Messianic Nazarene Yisraelite community. Yahshua warns us that to whom much is given much is required. We carry and possess the full revelation of Yahweh as found in both Brit Chadasha and Tanach. Therefore it is us and not apostate traditional Jewry (who are selective about what parts of Scripture they choose to believe), that must pave the way for the rest of our people for total teshuva (repentance). We must not sin in joining the plans of our enemies, by assisting and abetting them in their attempts at Israelite assimilation. We have had plenty of that for the past 2700 years. It is time for Messianic Nazarene Yisrael to write a new and promising epilogue to the wandering plight of our people.

Having laid our case bare before you, it is with great joy that I announce the reinstitution of my birth name as Moshe to be used in all aspects of my life. I cannot be a hypocrite. I must practice that which I have chosen to preach. Regardless, Yahweh knew what He was doing when He named me Moshe at birth and still calls me Moshe in my quiet times of prayer and fellowship with Him. Being omniscient and knowing the future,  Yahweh chose a suitable name for me in Messianic ministry. Obviously He knew that what was bad for business, would indeed serve me in good stead as a Messianic rabbi and leader in the Messianic Nazarene Yisrael two house revival that we all enjoy today. Henceforth all bylines will be seen with my real name of birth "Moshe" and not the name that demonic church influenced forces of assimilation opposed to the preservation of Israel's children, imposed on me!

As children of Israel we are called to remember the death of 6 million of our people in the Nazi Holocaust. I personally cannot think of a better way to honor their memory as martyrs of the Israelite nation, then by reverting back to the biblical names of our birth that they died to preserve. That would be a wonderfully tangible way that we can identify with  Jewish-Israel our beloved brethren, all the while distancing ourselves from their captors. Don't forget that the Final Solution to the Jewish question, digressively deteriorated into the Holocaust. So-called Christendom in Europe had this slogan as their motto: "We don't want you to live as Jews. We don't want you to live among us as Jews and finally we don't want you to live at all". While these words are chilling and haunting reminders, they in fact do represent so called "apostate perverted church" love towards our Jewish people throughout history. Let us be as bold as our torturers and lets revert back to the names that glorify Yahweh and not those that were often identical  to the butchers of Jewish-Israel! Our adopted pagan names did not seem to have impressed Hitler, since he killed all Jews and many Ephraimites even those with pagan names. Messianic Nazarene Yisraelites from both houses also perished in the Holocaust. Our traditional friends should try to remember that next time, before they call us spiritual Nazis again! Please pray about doing the same for you, your wife, your children, your nation and most importantly for the sake of the risen Jewish Savior of mankind, whose very Hebraic name itself means Yahweh saves! Aren't you glad that some religious fanatics did not change that Holy Name (Phil 2: 9-11)? 

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