Date: 8/11/2003 7:03:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: ravmoshe@bellsouth.net

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I am now in my 18th year of ministry. I have become sick and saddened over the character attacks against servants of YHWH, most of whom are Torah and True name leaders. When I started in messianic work, the attacks were primarily doctrinal. Now today they are primarily character dissections. YHWH has revealed to me that every effective soldier for blood redemption of Messiah and Torah constitutional body life, has a personally assigned demon to harass them ! The Father further revealed to me that many times these demons move other elders or rabbis to character attack others of whom that demon/persons is jealous of, and usually can be found manifesting a spirit of Jezebel, which is a spirit of uncleanness that is spiritually impotent and can't produce spiritual fruit on its own. Thus it moves another individual or leader to seek to steal and claim spiritual fruit from others by blatant character assassination.

Therefore I stand side by side with any minister who is being character assassinated (accusations such as child abuse, pedophilia, drunkenness, incest, fraud, scamming etc, when these issues are designed not for public discourse, but for private confrontation and repentance, and are usually blatant lies) as I have in the past. Whether the accusations against Trimm are true or not, I object to any mode of accusation that keeps rehashing the same garbage which first came out 5 years ago to new and uninformed internet surfers.This shows me that those doing the accusing aren't interested in correction and restitution IF found to be necessary, but in creating a internet whirlwind of hatred without cause. I am even more sensitive to this as some rabbis are the source for the recent rehashing of an 18 year old accusation that Moshe is not Moshe but Marshall. So I can sympathize with others beings slammed as well.

My statement against the wicked and evil lashon hara/evil speaking circulating the internet is against the personally assigned demons that have been assigned to James Trimm. I in no way did, or would endorse or be seen as any kind of partner with James due to doctrinal and other differences, BUT I won't stand idly by while others keep rehashing what he allegedly did 5 years ago. If these folks accusing were really interested in justice, they would have brought forth the charges 5 years ago, and dropped it into YHWH's lap and then trusted YHWH to reveal and correct what needs to be revealed and corrected. Not open new websites where all this trash can be referenced.

I am now aware of the new rumors now being circulated around messianic chartrooms and post boards (which is why I'm not on them and suggest you be careful which ones your on IF ANY) but I desire all to understand this clearly and without confusion. I do not support or not support any of James Trimm's projects and neither do I endorse or not endorse his material. I have enough challenges of my own.

Any posting stating that I endorse the HRV is a lie. Regardless of the source. Period. What I do endorse and do support and do empathize is with James as a brother, who is being viciously attacked on the same issues that were thrown at him on the same medium (internet) years ago, by the same Jezebel woman, which says to me that this is a witchunt and a hounding and cornering of a man who is a believer by someone out for blood. That kind of witchunt is not from one seeking Torah justice and reconciliation and or restitution, but of a woman who is one of these personally assigned tormentors that most true name Torah ministers now have to contend with.

Feel free to post this, to any and all forums, as I hope I have made myself clear. I do not endorse any of Dr. Trimm's materials including the HRV (though do respect some of his work). I would ask that those who have twisted any defense of mine of James against character assassination into a tacit endorsement of his HRV work, would have a dose of integrity and post this on those same forums. Thank you.

Rabbi Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky