Subject: re: James Trimm
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 04:12:33 EDT

Hello Ms. Kern,
    This morning a friend of mine emailed me your website, and reluctantly I read it.  I know who you are, have read numerous posts regarding yourself over the years, and had felt confident that you were on some sort of weird attack party with Mr. Trimm. 
I am very sorry, and ask your forgiveness, because I have verbally said that to my friends who followed after Mr. Trimm.  I think otherwise now.
I live in England, in the Northeast, but am originally from California where I attended a very small Messianic Congregation.  I've enjoyed his writings, and have to admit, justified my anger at the Church and gave me an outlet to live according to what I was experiencing in my heart.  If this makes sense. 
 To make a very long story short, I met a couple over here who are very much into Trimm's way of life.  I say Trimm's way of life, because it has gone so far extreme that I had to walk away from the friendship (in this past year)..and really the only physical fellowship I had.  All I can tell you, is that from personal experience, his influence on people's lives is destructive.  The wife of this family is slowly being alienated away from her "christian" parents and family, by her husband in very subtle means.  You know, they cannot visit because the wife's father gives her dog bones to eat.  (even the dog is vegetarian).  They cannot attend family gatherings without making a complete fuss because pork was probably served in a dish on another occasion from it. And the very worst, is that their view is now that "Jesus" is the anti-Messiah, and have made it their quest to inform their previous Christian brothers.  Instead of the commandments of Yahweh being life-giving, they become death. 
My friends and I were big fans of Avi Ben Mordechai (whom was beloved of myself because of our familiar backgrounds with Calvary Chapels) and listened to him on Paltalk.  I find it interesting that these teachers are not happy just teaching Scripture.  They seem always on the prowl for attainment of more Spirituality.  Like a weird, perverted fix or something.  The LAST time I listened to Avi, (after increasing worry over his affiliation and apparent love for Karaitism)...he dogmatically stated who his "brothers" are.  He rather vehemently said, "those who follow Torah..period".  I kept waiting for him to say..."and my brothers who are not quite there yet, but loving and following the inner Torah in Churches", but he excluded them.  Even Mr. Mordechai is slowly moving to an extreme..
All of this has forced me to seriously look at my faith again, and I have returned to my first love.  (and much repentance)  Yes, I believe and try to follow the commandments that I am able to.  I love my Father and Messiah with my whole heart, mind, and being. 
I don't like having to admit I've been deceived.
You know Kathryn, I admire you.  I've read things about yourself that are less than wonderful, and yet you've persevered in bringing the truth to light.  Thank you. 
I've forwarded your site to my friends, and pray they read it. 
Just a side note, a group of us ordered a very expensive tape set from Mr. Trimm.  And it took ages to get it.  The gal who actually ordered it has since left the faith and her Christian husband to convert to liberal Judaism.  This didn't help I tell ya.  Not only would Mr. Trimm not respond to her many emails asking about the tapes. She filed a case with the Texas DA.  I took over the matter because I defended Mr. Trimm's integrity.  It took me a couple of tries to finally get a hold of him myself.  I believe the only reason he ever responded was because I put something like possible lawsuit against you if you don't respond in the subject heading.  (that got his attention!)  Supposedly, the first set was lost in the mail.  So his wife Kitty mailed out another one.  Which didn't come either.  Finally, after more emails, it finally came.  We ordered them in June, they came in October I believe.  Oh, and we did ask for a refund...but you know how that went over.
The sad thing is, I have another friend here in England who's ordered the new HRV, and it's a disgrace what Mr. Trimm is bringing to the house of faith in the unbelieving community.  Two years, she's been waiting...and it's just about here!  Oh, and she also asked for a refund, and you know how that went over too. 
In Messiah's love,
P.S...I divorced a husband addicted to pornography after enduring the marriage for 18 years.  These men, (mine professed to be a Christian) are extremely deceptive because they mask their perversion and deviation by being so "holy" and "good".  My ex husband has admitted this.  If anyone doubts how insideous this sin is, because it isn't "physcial adultery" is sadly without a clue.  Let me tell you, they never overcome this unless their lives are them.  These men are always playing the "victim", and enjoy the attention in a sick way they receive even when they're attacked.  The sexual abuse they force upon their wife, because of the embarrassing nature to the wife and won't speak out, is horrible.  I feel for his wife(ves).  I think this is the worst part of what I read.  For many reasons...