One evening I had a dream that I was standing in front of a chalkboard, listing a number of points, showing that the book of HaDebariym [Deuteronomy] was written at a later time. I woke up and wrote them down, curious to look them up in the morning. These were all points that I was not even aware of, nor had I read any book stating these points. After looking into these points, I am convinced that YHWH was opening my eyes, so that I could see what men had changed and added to His Thorah.

1. The requirements for the king were in no other of the Books of Mosheh.

No king was allowed for by the original laws. HaDebariym, written after kings had been chosen, made allowances for them, making laws that pertained to the excesses of the previous kings.


2. HaDebariym was the only book of the 5, that used a phrase referring to the "place that YHWH would choose to place His name."
Since it was written after Yerushalayim established, it wrote about Yerushalayim without outright naming the city.

3. extensive use of elohiym/elohey

The book of HaDebariym uses elohiym/ elohey or the conjunction YHWH elohey, much more than the other 4 books. Linguistically that is a pointer of the later writing or the later editing of a scribe. Typically scribes will not remove the name YHWH but may add elohey to it, showing that the high amount is not due to scribal editing, but rather the later composition.


4. Yahudah is exalted, especially in the latter blessing at the end of the chapter, and is placed before Lewi and Shimon is excluded.

The Rabbis say that Shimon is excluded because he is reprimanded by Yaaqob before he dies. Yet Lewiy was included in that verse, together with Shimon, for their killing of the Chiwwiy [Hivites] when they were just circumcised. If Shimon had been left out for that reason, then Lewiy would have to be as well. It is more likely a scribal error and they made a concoction to excuse it, not liking to admit scribal errors, or it was intentionally left out, for political reasons, to further exalt Yahudah to prominence over the tribes.

They reasoned Rueben out because of his sleeping with his fathers concubine. They reasoned Shimon and Lewiy out because of the slaughter, so they fix on Yahudah as next in line for rulership, ignoring his sins. It was Rueben that protected Yahusef from being killed and sought to save him. It was Yahudah that suggested they sell him to the Yishmeeliym. Yahudah unrighteously kept his son from Tamar, as promised. It was Yahudah that slept with his daughter-in-law, thinking she was a prostitute, and yet was going to have her killed because she was pregnant, until it was revealed that it was him. Yahudah was no better or worse than any of the others.

5. Naming the territory of Kenaan "Yisrael", before they entered the land. The previous books refer to the land that they were going to enter as the land that they were being brought to, the land of the current inhabiting tribe, the land of Kenaan, land flowing with milk and honey, and the land YHWH promised.