Dating is in the secular BCE and CE dating. BCE stands for Before Common Era, which correlates to BC in the Latin dating. CE stands for Common Era, which correlates to AD dating.


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600-580 BCE

Nebiiym [prophets]YirmeYahu [Jeremiah] and Yechezqel [Ezekiel] lived.

587/586 BCE

Jewish temple destroyed and exile to Babel.

539-333 BCE

Persian Period.

539-530 BCE

Koorush [Cyrus] ruled.

539 BCE

Koorush's edict permitting Yahudiym [Jews] to rebuild Yerushalyim [First wave of exiles to return to Yerushalyim].

530-521 BCE

Cambysses/Ahasruerus [Persian name Acmbujieh] ruled.

521 BCE

Pseudo Smerdis [Artaxerxes (Persian name - Berooyeh Doroughi) ] ruled.

521-486 BCE

Darryoosh - Darius the Great ruled.

520 BCE

Nabiy [prophet] Chaggay [Haggai] lived.

520-515 BCE

Second temple in Yerushaliym rebuilt.

486-465 BCE

Xerxes (Ahasurerus) [Persian name Khashayarshah] ruled.

464-423 BCE

Artaxerxes [Persian name Ardeshier Deraz Dast] ruled.

457 BCE

Ezra returns to Yerushalyim.

450-400 BCE

Restoration of Yerushalyim led by NechemYahu [Nehemiah] and Ezra.

444 BCE

NechemYahu's first return to Yerushalyim.

333-63 BCE

Hellenistic Period.

333/331 BCE

Alexander the Great conquers Yisrael.

323 BCE

Alexander the Great dies in Babel.

321 BCE

Onais I is Kohen Gadol [High Priest].

320-168 BCE

Judaism under the Greek Ptolemies and Seleucids.

301 BCE

Yahudah [Judea] becomes part of the Ptolemaic Empire of Syria.

300 BCE

Simon the Just is Kohen Gadol [High Priest]. Beginning accounts of the sect of the Chassiydiym [ the Faithful].

250 or 275 BCE

Ptolemy Philadelphus commissions the Greek Septuagint translation of the Thorah [Torah Law, 5 Books of Mosheh].

250 BCE

Onias II is Kohen Gadol [High Priest]

200 BCE

Yahudah [Judea] becomes part of the Seleucid empire of Syria.

175-164 BCE

Antiochus Epiphanes was king of Syria. Dies 164 BCE.

173 BCE

Onias III replaced by Jason as Kohen Gadol [High Priest].

167 BCE

Antiochus Epiphanes plunders the temple in Yerushalyim and erects a pagan altar to Zeus Olympus on the altar of burnt offering, desecrating it.

168/167-60 BCE

Maccabean revolt and Hasmonean rule in Yisrael.

167 BCE

Persecuation of Yahudiym [Jews] by Antiochus Epiphanes begins.

164 BCE

Judas Maccabee takes Yerushalyim, persecuation ends, temple is cleansed.

128 BCE

Hyracanus destroys the temple of the Shomroniym [Samaritans], on Mountain Gerizim.

78 BCE

Alexander Jannaeus dies. John Hyracanus II appointed as Kohen Gadol [High Priest]

63 BCE

Rome annexes Palestine.

62-4 BCE

Herod the Great is made king by Antony of Egypt.

60-46 BCE

First Triumvirate of Julius Caesar, Pompey and Crassus.

50 BCE

Leadership of Shammai the Elder. He died in 30 CE.

46 BCE

Julius Caesar is sole Emperor of the Roman Empire.

46 BCE

Julian calendar established.

44 BCE

Emperor Julius Caesar dies. Second Triumvirate of Octavian, Antony and Lepidus was established. Second Triumvirate rules from 44 BCE to 33 BCE.

40 BCE

Antigonus removes John Hyracanus II as Kohen Gadol [High Priest] and has his ears cut off.

33 BCE

Octavian is Emperor of Rome. Second Triumvirate dissolves.

32 BCE

Leadership of Hillel the Elder begins. Antony marries Cleopatra. Octavian declares war on Cleopatra.

31 BCE

Battle of Actium. Antony and Cleopatra defeated.

30 BCE

Antony and Cleopatra die. Herod the Great retains kingdom with Octavian.

18 BCE

Herod begins second temple reconstruction.

14 BCE

Octavian dies and is succeeded by Tiberias as Emperor of the Roman Empire.

6-5 BCE

Yahusha` [Jesus] is born. Chinese have record of bright star or comet at this time.


Herod the Great dies. Kingdom divided between his sons Archelaus, Herod Phillip and Herod Antipas.

6 CE

Archelaus, son of Herod the Great, is removed from power by Augustus Caesar [Octavian] and banished to Gaul.

14 CE

Emperor Augustus [Octavian] dies, Tiberius succeeds.

30 CE

Yahusha` [Jesus] executed.

31 CE

Conversion of Shaul [Saul, also known as Paul] after Stephans stoning.

37 CE

Emperor Tiberius dies and is succeeded by Caligula. Emperor Caligula makes Herod Agrippa I king of Judea.

41 CE

Emperor Caligula [Gaius] orders his statue to be erected in temple in Yerushalyim; he dies and is succeeded by Claudius.

41 CE

Emperor Claudius appoints Herod Agrippa king over Palestine.

41 CE

Yaaqob [James], brother of Yahuchanan [John], sons od Zebedee, beheaded by Herod Agrippa I.

41-54 CE

Emperor Claudius orders the expulsion of Yahudiym [Jews] from Rome, Acts 18:2.

44 CE

Herod Agrippa I dies and his son Herod Agrippa II succeeds.

54 CE

Emperor Claudius dies and is succeeded by Nero.

62/63 CE

Yaaqob [James] the Just, brother of Yahusha` [Jesus] is cast off the wing of the temple and stoned by the Jewish leaders.

64 CE

Shaul [Paul] is beheaded under Emperor Nero. Kefa [Peter] and his wife are believed to be executed, in the same year, in Rome as part of Nero's persecution of Christians.

65 CE

Gallio-Annapus Novatus (of Acts 18:12 proconsul of Achaia] and his brother, were ordered, by Nero, to commit suicide for plotting against him.

66-73 CE

First Jewish Revolt against Rome.

68 CE

Emperor Nero dies and is succeeded by Galba.

69 CE

Emperor Galba dies and is succeeded by Otho. Emperor Otho dies and is succeeded by Vitellius. Emperor Vitellius dies and is succeeded by Vespasian.

70 CE

Destruction of Jerusalem and second temple by Titus. Beit Din established at Tiberias. Council of Yamnia [Jamnia].

70 CE

Bernice II, sister and wife of Herod Agrippa II, was taken to Rome by Titus.

72 CE

Masada, the headquarters for the Zealots [Sicarri dagger people], is captured by Rome; all the Jews committed mass suicide rather than be captured.

79 CE

Emperor Vespasian dies and is succeeded by Titus.

81 CE

Emperor Titus, who destroyed the second temple, dies. Domitian becomes Emperor.

81-96 CE

Domitian exiles Yahuchanan [John] to the isle of Patmos.

84 CE

Domitian banishes Jews from Rome.


Gamaliel II excludes sectarians; Netsariym are called renegades and cast out of synagogues.

96 CE

Emperor Domitian dies and is succeeded by Nerva.

98 CE

Emperor Nerva dies and is succeeded by Trajan.

114-117 CE

Jewish revolts against Rome outside of Palestine.

117 CE

Emperor Trajan dies and is succeeded by Hadrian.

120-135 CE

Rabbi Akiba consolidates Rabbinic Judaism; proclaims Bar Kochba to be the Messiah. Netsariym refuse to aid in the revolt because they opposed Bar Kochba as the Messiah.

132-135 CE

Bar Kochba Rebellion [Second Jewish Revolt], Roman Emperor Hadrian bans Jews from Jerusalem and has it renamed to Aelia Capitolina, which was dedicated to Zeus. Jews forbidden to live there.

134 CE

Bar Kochba is killed at Betar.

135 CE

Rome installs first, non Jewish bishop, Marcus, in Palestine.

138 CE

Emperor Hadrian dies and is succeeded by Titus Aurelius Antonius.

200 CE

Mishnah compiled by Judah the Prince.

284 CE

Diocletian rules as Emperor.

303 CE

Emperor Diocletian orders that all copies of Hebrew Scriptures be turned over to the authorities and destroyed.

305 CE

Diocletian and Maximian turn over Augusti positions to their Caesars Galerius and Constantius.

306 CE

Constantine begins ruling as Caesar while Galerius is Augustus.

324 CE

Constantine rules as sole emperor of Roman Empire.

325 CE

Council of Nicea, Emperor Constantine calls for the council to standardize Christianity. Netsariym are not allowed to attend. Netsariym are officially labeled apostates. Jewish practices are banned. Easter replaces Pesach [Passover], and is celebrated on Sunday.

336 CE

Council of Laodicea declares Sunday to replace Jewish Shabbath.

337 CE

Constantine banishes Rabbis.

337 CE

Constantine dies and is succeeded by his sons and nephews.

353 CE

Constantius becomes sole emperor of the Roman Empire.

358 CE

Hillel HaNasi started the present Jewish calendar, deviating from the scriptural sighting of the first light of the new moon.

361 CE

Emperor Constantius dies and Julian succeeds.

361 CE

Emperor Julian orders the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. He rules from 361-363. Jovain succeeds Julian

363 CE

Emperor Julian is assassinated by one of his Christian soldiers, while in Persia. Jovian succeeds and re-instates Christian supremacy.

381 CE

First Council of Constantinople.

400 CE

Jewish Palestinian Talmud edited.

400-600 CE

Jewish Babylonian Talmud edited.

431 CE

Council of Ephesus.

500 CE

Small Jewish sects, known as Qaraiym [Karaites] develops effective vowel pointing system for Hebrew language.

800 CE

Masorites develop a more effective vowel pointing system for the Hebrew language.

1400 CE

Letter J is developed as a separate consonant in the alphabet.

1516 CE

Petrus Galatinus writes, "De Aracanis Catholic Veritatis [Concerning Secrets of Universal Truth], using Jehovah for the first time recorded.

1582 CE

Gregorian Calendar established and named for Pope Gregory XIII. This is the current civil calendar used today.

1940's CE

First of the Dead Sea Scrolls are discovered by a shepherd boy.