The following are resources that will greatly assist in your learning Hebrew and are good reference materials.



Biblical Hebrew Step By Step, Vols. 1 & 2, Menahem Mansoor
excellent books for learning Biblical Hebrew. My teenagers even loved this set.

At Home With Hebrew CD -
This CD has games for children, as well as being more serious for an adult.

Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Cards, Visual Education
The kids and I loved these cards. The set contains 1000 sequentially numbered cards presenting over 1,200 Hebrew words on the front with the English on the back.

A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the Hebrew Language, Ernst Klein
This book is one of the best Hebrew reference books. It not only has Biblical Hebrew, but lists the other forms of Hebrew as well, letting you know weather a word is Biblical, Post-Biblical, Rabbinic, Mishnaic, or New Hebrew. It also states the origins of the word and shows other Semitic language comparisons.

The Hebrew-English Concordance to the Old Testament, Kohlenberger/Swanson
This concordance is great for referencing Hebrew scripture, especially for the English reader. The words are listed by their Hebrew base word, the text is from the NIV. While I do not advocate the NIV translation, it is the only Hebrew concordance that I know of with English verse text, making easier to reference. One of my complaints with NIV is that they used so many English words for one Hebrew word; so in the English verses, you will see a variety of words highlighted that represent the one Hebrew word listed for your search.

A New Concordance of the Bible, Abraham Even-Shoshan- Hebrew only
This concordance is in Hebrew only, no English. An advantage to this concordance is that under each base word, you have every prefix and suffix added to that base word listed. Great for looking up exact forms for word studies.

Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible, 1 Vol., J. P. Green -
This translation is based on the Youngs Literal Translation. Green does a good job of word translation consistency and the literalness of the text. What I love about this book, is that you have the Hebrew/English interlinear, with Greens text on the side. A downside is that the text is small print, unless you buy the 4 volume set that has the larger print. For those of you that like Hebrew transliterations, unfortunately, they do not have it.

The Book of Hebrew Script, Ada Yardeni
This book is not only a wonderful reference book, but from an artists point of view, beautiful. It also teaches Hebrew calligraphy.

The Art of Hebrew Lettering, L.F. Toby
A small booklet that teaches a variety of Hebrew lettering styles.

Hebrew Calligraphy A Step - By - Step Guide, Jay Seth Greenspan
A more detailed book than the previous booklet. Also shows some examples of Hebrew kethubahs.