Glossary of Hebrew Names, Words and Phrases




This list is not complete, as far as every single name in the Scriptures. Little by little, it will be added to and eventually it will become complete. I have included those most frequently used at this site. If you have a name that you would like to have defined, please email me and I will let you know, as well as add it to the list.





Abraham - father of multitudes

Adonay- master

Aharon – Aaron, meaning lost.

Alyon – Most High

Amen - so be it

Amorah – Gomorrah: a heap, bound up.

Amoriy – Amorite: to be high, boast, publicity.

Amos – burdensome, loaded.

Aram – Syria: to be high, highland.

Asher - happy

Ashshur – Assyria: step, walk straight, tread.

Babel – Babylon: confusion.

Bana`im -

Bar Talmai - Bartholomew: son of Talmai:

Baruch - blessed

Basar – good news

Bath (Bat) – daughter

BeMidbar – Numbers: in wilderness.

Ben - son

Benyamin – Benjamin: son of my right hand

Beothusians -

Bereshiyth – Genesis: beginnings.

Beriyth – to cut covenant

Beyth – house, home, family, school, dynasty.

Beyth  EL - [Bethel] House of EL

Beyth Lechem - Bethlehem: house of Bread

Chabaqquq – Habakkuk: clasp hands, embrace.

Chadashah – Hadashah, restored

Chag - feast

Chaggay – Haggai: festive

Chanukkah – Hanukkah: dedication.

Chasiydiym – Chasiyd plural, faithful.

Chawwah – Eve: life giver, living place, village.

Chiththiy – Hittite: villager.

Chodesh - restored

Dammeseq – Damascus:

Dan –  judge.

Daniyel – Daniel: my judge is El.

Dawiyd – David: beloved

Debar – word

Dibrey HaYamiym – Chronicles: words of the days.

Ebiyoniym – Ebionites: poor.

Edomiy – Edomite: red, ruddy.

Efrayim – Ephraim: double fruit.

El – god, to be strong.

Elishua - Elisha: EL is salvation

EliYahu - Elijah: EL is YHWH

Eloah – god

Elohey - god

Elohiym – god, a plural form

Erets - land, as in Erets Yisrael-the land of Israel

Esaw – Esau

Esther -

Eykah – Lamentations

Ezra – help, aid, assist.

Faras – Persia: separate, divide.

Farush - Pharisee: separate, exclude, secede. Plural is Farushiym

Felishthiym – Philistines: roll oneself in dust.

Ferizziy – Perizzite: unwalled, open country.

Gad –  fortune, luck, name of Phoenician and Aramean god of fortune.

Galiyl – Galilee: district, region.

Goy - Gentile: nation, plural is Goyim-Gentiles

HaDebariym – Deuteronomy: the words.

HaDerek – the way

HalleluYah - hallelujah: praise  YHWH/Yahuweh

Hashmon – Hasmonean:

Heykal – temple, palace

Hoshea – Hosea: deliverer

Ibriy - Hebrew

Ibriym – Hebrews

Ishshah – wife

Iyowb – Job: hated, persecuted.

Iysh - husband

Kashdiym – Chaldeans: astrologers

Kefa - Peter: piece of rock

Kehunnah - priesthood

Kenaan – Canaan: bend the knee, humiliate, subdue.

Kenaaniy – Canaanite, see Kenaan.

Kethubiym – the Writings

Kippa – cap, skullcap worn by Jews from Mishnaic to modern times, derived from

palm, as in palm branch, Mishnaic Hebrew.

Kohen - priest: Plural Kohaniym

Kohen Gadol – High Priest

Kush – Ethiopia: meaning lost.

Leah – weary, exhausted.

Lewiy – Levi: attached, join.

Lewiym – Levites, see Lewiy

Maday – Mede:

Madaiy - Medes

Malak - messenger (what most people refer to angels in Scripture), plural is


Malakiy – Malachi: messenger

Malakiym – messengers

Malkuwth - kingdom

Mashiyach - Messiah, anointed one

MaththiYahu - Matthew: gift of YHWH

Melekiym - Kings

Menashsheh – Manasseh: causing to forget.

Miykah – Micah: short for MikaYahu – who is like YHWH.

Miryam - Mary: bitterness

Mishkan – tabernacle

Mishley – Proverbs: rule, parable, maxim.

Mitsrayim – Egypt: double hem in, confine, limit.

Mitsriyoth – Egyptians, see Mitsrayim.

Mitswah - command, charge. Plural is mitswoth

Mizmor – song, hymn.

Moabiy – Moabite: from father.

Moad – appointment, plural moadiym - appointments

Mosheh - Moses: drawn from water

Nachum – Nahum: comfort, consolation.

Nafesh – nefesh, being, soul.

Nafthaliy – Naphtali: wrestle, twist, struggle.

Natseret(Natzeret) - Nazareth, people from Natseret called Natsrati or Natsratim.

Nabiy- prophet, plural is nebiyiym

NechemYahu – Nehemiah: compassion, console of YHWH

Netsariym – Nazarene: sprout, shoot.

ObadYahu – Obadiah: servant of YHWH.

Pesach - Passover: exemption, skip over, pass over.

Qaballah – Kaballah: Post Biblical Hebrew – receiving. Jewish mysticism.

Qannaiym - Zealots

Qaraiym – Qaraites/Karaites: Post Biblical Hebrew – Biblical scholar, reader of


Qehillah – assembly

Qoheleth – Ecclesiastes: the one who calls the assembly together, assembler.

Rabbi – teacher

Rachel – ewe

Rekabiym – Rechabites: to ride, rider.

Reuben –  see a son.

Ribqah – Rebecca:

Ruach YHWH - breath of YHWH, the Hebrew text has ruach YHWH,  

occasionally Ruach  Elohim, but the NT translates it as the Holy Spirit,

which would be  Ruach HaQedowsh. This phrase became popular when the Yahudiym [Jews] put a ban on the Name- YHWH, Yahuweh. Ruach

           YHWH is used the majority of the time, in the Hebrew text.

Ruth – friend, associate, mate.

Sarah - princess

Sedom – Sodom: scorched, burnt, bitumous.  

Shabbath - Sabbath: rest

Shalom - wholeness, completeness, peace

Shaul – ask, inquire

Shekinah – originally used as dweller, inhabitant, neighbor, PBH use is for the

presence of god, also likened as the female aspect of god, especially in


Sheliych - sent one, apostle, plural is sheliychiym

Shem -  name, authority

Shemoth – Exodus: names.

Shemuel – Samuel: heard of El.

Sheol - hell

Shiyr HaShiyriym – Song of Songs

Shlomoh - Solomon: peaceful

Shiymon - Simon: hearing

Shlomoh – Solomon: peaceful

Shoftiym - Judges

Shomeron - Samaritan, plural is Shomroniy: watch, observe.

Shomroniym – Samaritans

Siynay – Sinai: lost meaning.

Siyqariym – Sicarii, dagger people.

Smiykah – laying on of hands

Sofer - scribe, soferiym (pl)

Taher – pure, clean.

Tanak – an acronym for the 3 sections of the Hebrew Bible: Thorah [Law],

Nebiyiym [Prophets] and Kethubiym [Writings], TaNaK.

Taowm - Thomas: twin                                                                                                            

Thalmiyd - disciple, student. Plural is thalmiydiym, fem. is thalmiydah

Thehilliym – Psalms: songs of praise

Therapeutae –

Theshubah – turn and return, teshuvah

Thorah - teachings, instruction, book of Law  first five books of Moshe(Moses)

Thoroth – plural of thorah

Tsaddoq - Sadducee: righteous. Plural is Tsadduqiym.

Tsebaoth - armies, hosts,  as in YHWH Tsabaoth (YHWH of Armies)

Tseduqiym – Zadokites from whom the Sadducees descended.

TsefanYahu – Zephaniah: hidden of YHWH.

Tsyitsith - fringe or tassels, the tassels, with a blue thread in it, required by

Thorah to wear as a sign of obedience to remember YHWH’s commands.

Tsiydon – Sidon: fishing, fishery.

Tsiydoniy - Sidonian

Tsiyon - Zion: conspicuous, a pillar, a sign.

Tsur – Tyre: rock, cliff.

Wayyiqra – Leviticus: he called.

Yaaqob - Jacob, James: deceiver

Yahuchanan - John:  YHWH favored. Shortened version, with the ban changes

is Yochanan.

Yahudah - Judas, Judah: praise

Yahudiym - Jews: plural of Yahud (Jew)

Yahuel – Joel: YHWH is El, Yoel was latter shortened version.

Yahusef – Joseph: YHWH add, shortened versionYosef.

Yahusha`- YHWH's salvation.  Only Son of YHWH. Book of Joshua.

Yahuweh – YHWH, Self Existent, Eternal One.  Father of Yahusha`.

Yarden – Jordan: descend

Yechezqel – Ezekiel: fasten, hold fast, seize of El.

Yerushalayim - Jerusalem: flowing shalom [peace]

Yericho – Jericho: lunar, moon.

YeshaYahu – Isaiah: salvation of YHWH

Yewaniy – Greece, Yawaniy

YHWH – Yahuweh

YirmeYahu – Jeremiah:

Yisrael - Israel: Prince or prevailing of EL

Yishshaskar – Issachar: he will reward.

Yitschaq - Issac: laughter, mocking

Yom – day

Yom HaKippuriym – Day of the Atonements

Yom Teruah – Day of Trumpet Blasts

Yonah – Jonah: dove

Zebuloniy – Zebulon: habitation, residence.

ZekarYahu – Zechariah: remembered of YHWH.