Elemental Bags are created to assist you in your journey. Whether you view them as medicine bags or bundles; totem, talisman, fetish or amulet bags, your custom made Elemental Bags assist you in focusing your energies, making these natural connections, aiding in your search for harmony. Each bag has a representative element of the 4 classical elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Additional components may be requested or you may add those personal items to your Elemental Bag yourself.

Your custom made bags are created from all natural materials, such as hemp, silk, cotton, linen, leather,animal fibers, sea grass, gourds or beads. The additional artistic and natural elements may include feathers, stones, seeds, plants, bone, teeth, metal, fossils or shells, depending on your specific needs. Elemental Bags are designed with your colors and styles in mind – cultural or ethnic, geometric, art nouveau, elegant, themed, felted or ancient cultures. Vegan Elemental Bags are also available.

Su asti is the Sanskrit for “well being”. The Navajo's use the phrase yo'zho' – harmony, to walk in beauty. Taoism refers to the Tao te Ching – the Way of Nature, their whole basis for balance and harmony. The Hopi refer to this balanced way with nature as the Hopiqatsitwi – the Hopi Way. Regardless of the name, the healing principle of balance with nature is the same.

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The above pictured bag has yellow jade for Earth, a feather for Air, pearls for Water,
and silk and amber for Fire, because amber rubbed against silk creates electricity.
The ancient Greek name for amber was elektron, where our terms electricity and electron get their names.

Inside is a mini cairn of 6 rough stones strung together.

Examples of possible items to represent your Nature Elements.
These elements are based on their reaction to the element. Raw clay is of the earth, but when transformed by fire, becomes
a representation of the effect of the fire element. Though pumice is an earth element heated by fire, the effect of the air element
is very evident in the air pockets of pumice. I am not ascribing esoteric or otherworldly aspects to these elements,
but rather the real, natural applications.

Soil Feathers
Stones Fans
Raw metal ore Incense
Seeds Insect wings
Plant material Pumice (air infused)
  Tawah symbol (spinning in air)
  Air in a minature vial


Shells Beaten Metal
Pearls Lava
Sea Grass Obsidian
Sea Urchin Spines Ash
Mother of Pearl Silk with Amber (produces electricity)
Coral Pyrite
River Stones Coal
Water in a miniature vial Glass
  Fired clay

Color is a very important aspect to me, as an artist and on an emotional level. I incorporate color into
these bags, not just for artistry, but for the effect you desire in wearing and viewing them.
Symbols, ideographs and ideograms
may be incorporated, either in carved
stones, bones, shells or metal, or you may have symbols embroidered on the bags.
Fabrics and Materials for your bag are all natural. You may choose from hemp, silk, cotton, linen, seacell,
leather,animal fibers such as wool and fleeces (either knit, crocheted, woven or felted), sea grass, raffia, gourds or beads.
Chainmaille with a fabric liner may be used. I also work with Pyrography (fire writing) on wood, leather and gourds,
if you would like symbols or designs applied in that medium. Materials may be included to or inside your bags
in cloth or leaf bundles, miniture glass vials with cork stoppers or in small origami folded paper envelopes.


I will not work with illegal materials. Should you want an eagle feather, for example,
you will need to add that yourself once you receive your bag.